CKaos TNT (Tutoring, Nutrition, & Training), LLC

CKaos TNT (Tutoring, Nutrition, & Training), LLC

Offers online services
Offers online services


All people are unique. All situations are unique. I take pride in being able to connect with people of all types, ages, and backgrounds. I strive to tailor my teaching and tutoring styles to accomodate each specific student differently. Some of us need compassion and kind encouragement, whereas others need pure honesty and tough motivation. I seek to find what works best for each individual student.

I deeply enjoy helping others succeed! I teach and tutor for the moment when you see the 'light bulb' go on; That moment when a student you are helping transitions from confusion to comprehension within their own mind. We All have it in us to excell. Sometimes we simply need a push or pull in the right direction, or assistance navigating a rough road. I enjoy helping others on their journey through education.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    The student and I must first determine how and when to meet or connect online.  Upon meeting, I like to take a little time to connect personally with the student.  This will help me determine the best suited strategies for helping them learn and understand the material better, specifically gearing my teaching style to their personality.  Then we discuss recent and distant past course material which has given them trouble.  Finally, we attack the current coursework.  Often it is necessary to revisit prior material to emphasize basics, correct misunderstood concepts, fill in comprehension gaps, and/or correct poor habits.

         Currently, I teach Anatomy & Physiology at East/West School of Massage Therapy.  I also spend time at 3 other jobs while beginning to focus independently on my true passions.  One is Tutoring Science students who are looking for that extra insight and perspective to catapult their learning, understanding, and thinking to a higher level.  Another is Nutrition consultation.  Lastly, Training clients for strength and proactive health benefits completes the foundation of CKaos' TNT!

         I have tutored part-time for over 13 years.  I tutored at Reading Area Community College (PA), 10-15 hours per week from 2007 to 2016.  I was the only tutor to be approved for all available sciences, as well as mathematics up to basic trigonometry.  Most of my students were nursing students at RACC, which is the largest and most difficult nursing school in the Reading area.  My specialties are Anatomy & Physiology I & II, Chemistry I, and Biology I.  I also will tutor most Neurobiology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

         I also worked as a volunteer lab assistant for Dr. Cola's A&P I labs for 2 years, ran an open lab once a week for 2 years, and taught a third of a semester of A&P II lab filling in for injured Professor Davis.  All of these experiences were at RACC.

         Please see my photos section for pictures of my degrees, etc.:

    1) Clearances approved by Wyomissing Area School District to work with and chaperone minors (Child abuse clearances, PA state clearances, FBI clearances)

    2) Certified Fitness & Nutrition Trainer (ISSA, 2019)

    3)  B.S. Life Sciences (PSU, 2013)

    4) A.S. Science Transfer (RACC, 2009)

    5) A.A. Addiction Studies (RACC, 2007)

    6) B.S. Administration of Justice (PSU, 1999)

         I charge $30 per hour for tutoring, payable after the session, with a satisfaction guarantee.  If the student is not happy with their session due to no fault of their own, payment is not demanded; However, this will terminate the possibility of further sessions.  If financial hardship is demostrated, I can be slightly flexible with the tutoring fees, especially for multiple sessions or multiple hour sessions.  Also, Tips and performance achievement gifts are also accepted and highly appreciated.

         I also charge $20 per hour (plus tolls) for travel to and from a student's location over 15 minutes from my location in West Reading, PA.  This covers gas, plus a minimal amout for my time in transit.  I am willing to travel up to 150 miles with paid travel expenses.  Round trip pay is required prior to the session and is non-refundable due to the time allotment and actual travel.

         I accept cash payments, personal checks, and Paypal invoice payments.  Upon assignment acceptance, detailed discussion of how payments will be made can take place to avoid confusion or uncertainties.

    I got started helping other students in my Biology I class at RACC in 2006.  The professor was very difficult and required a high level of critical thinking of us students.  I then realized I was able to get through to other students at a deeper level than the professor was able to, helping them understand concepts from their own perspectives.  I developed an intense passion for helping others 'turn on the light bulb' within themselves.  This continued through A&P I, which is when I began working part-time at the RACC tutor center.  When I transfered to Penn State for my Life Sciences program, I continued tutoring part-time at RACC, while also working with fellow students at PSU.

    I have worked with absolutely ALL types of students.  I have tutored high school students and grandmothers returning to school.  I have tutored students from the U.S., several African countries, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica,  Honduras, England, Germany, India, Vietman, Korea, etc, etc.  I have tutored poor students and rich students.  I have tutored many students with deep language accents.  I have tutored handicapped students.  I have tutored men, women, boys, girls, straight, gay, and everything in between students.  I loved working with them all!  To this day I sporadically keep in touch with over 30 students I have tutored in the past, with a few of them becoming lifelong friends.  Perhaps I will ask a few to to post a Review of my tutoring on this site.

         Simple events stick with me the deepest, due to their rawness.   This summer; Full moon over the Atlantic; Family together, including dog; Low funds available; Got each other! 

         Also, I had a fantastic time chaperoning my daughter and the Wyomissing marching band for a weekend trip to Pitt University last month to play with their band on Heinz field in downtown Pittsburgh.  The kids were awesome, and we had a blast!

    A student looking for a science tutor should find someone who can explain concepts, ideas, and connections in a simple manner, using analogies, stories, and humor.  Simple memorization should be left to the student and their motivation, thus not taking up precious tutoring time.  To find a good science tutor, look for one who is as much an artist as a scientist;  One who values both Creativity and Experimentation!

    1)  How motivated am I?  What have I done so far to advance my own success in this course?  What can I do myself to improve before asking for help and paying?

    2)  Why types of issues and problems have I had in previous science and math classes?  What have I ever done to help my learning and situation at that time?  'Did I care', and 'Do I Care'?

    3) How much effort am I willing to put into improving my understanding and grades in this course individually and with the help of a tutor?  Do I want to just pay a tutor to go through the motions or do I truly want to learn? 

         All of these self-reflective questions put the ultimate responsibility on the student.  The tutor's job is to facilitate true learning, not spoon-feed information.  A text and literacy can do that.  As a tutor, I, Christopher Kantner can assist you in exploding your potential and expanding your reality.  Improved grades will follow!

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