Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English Tutoring

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English Tutoring

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Offers online services


I have BS and MS in Biophysics with Math, Chemistry, Oncology, and Immunology minors.

I love to teach more than anything and have a knack for finding common ground and simplifying complex systems.

i love being a part of helping someone grow in knowledge and confidence. Seeing a student take a second look st the world and comprehending something which was entirely bewildering before.

Questions though are my true passion. I love finding or providing answers for those students who seek knowledge. And I also love inspiring curiosity in those who begin disheartened and uninterested.


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Jamey J.

Seneca knows the materials and relates well with my daughter (16 years). He pushes her out of her comfort zone while giving her confidence and praise. Nice balance. He also seems to really care about her progress and not just clocking in...
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November 21, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

I like to begin by discussing our expectations and goals. And then coming up with and implementing a plan to achieve those goals. 

This process is different for everyone and the constraints are also variable. So flexibility and compromise are essential for an effective interaction. 

BS Biophysics minor math and chemistrySUNY Geneseo

MS Immunology And Biophysics Roswell Park Univ. at Buffalo

3+ years teaching community college in Bio Dept— mostly to nursing students

No standard pricing system. 

I would prefer to be paid fairly based on the quality of my service and how much you can affford. I’m less interested in the money than I am interested in the teaching!

i have always done it with fellow classmates, helping out people taking classes I had already completed. I just love teaching, and sharing a bit of the wonder that I see in the world with anyone who cares enough to listen.

all kinds! Type A workers to hopeless slackers to distractible jokers to military veterans. 

They each require something different, and in the vast majority of cases I can provide it!

Recent events that I am fond of....

hahaha, this is a broad question.

water on Mars, the blood moon eclipse, polar vortices, underwater landslides, the state of the universe, super massive blacholes, the possibility of alien life, the epidemiology of influenza... I could literally go on for hours just listing the recent discoveries I am fond of...

take advantage of not knowing anything!!! Because while you are learning, that is the time to ask questions and broaden the scope of your knowledge. And having a tutor as a guide means you can let your mind roam and discover tangents and parallel discoveries and the questions you can ask while learning something new can sometimes lead to the most interesting of discoveries!!!

what do you want out of this? 

What do you NEED out of this?

how much time and effort can you appply to this task?

if I work hard for you, will you work hard for me?

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