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Student of pure sciences, a young researcher in the field of Astrophysics, wants to teach Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to anyone looking to get better grades in class or is just morbidly curious about the the nature and the workings of the cosmos.


I relate to all of my students as individuals and accordingly set my approach of teaching them. I focus on concept clarification. I give inputs to the subject matter which is beyond the syllabus so that the student has an upper hold in his/her class. I am highly approachable.


I have 6+ years of tutoring experience. Being at a young age gives me the advantage of connecting with you. I have developed methods and hacks for studying which will help you get ahead of the curve and get the highest marks in class.


Currently enrolled for a Masters degree programme in the field of Astrophysics in Germany.

Graduated Bachelor of Science Triple Majors in Physics Chemistry and Mathematics with a GPA of 9.65.

Cleared Class 12th examination with 93.6% in 2017

Cleared Class 10th examination with 95.4% in 2015

Been an invited guest speaker at an Astronomy camp organized by KIFSA (Kolkata)
I was invited to conduct physics classes for my classmates in college wherein I taught subject like Relativity and Mathematical Physics.
As a young researcher, I have been invited to give a public talk on Exoplanets at an Astronomy seminar.
I am in the university quiz team. I have won several accolades in quizzing all around in the city. I have conducted national and international level quiz competitions as the quiz master.
I have given several public lectures on different topics pertaining to Astronomy.
In class 11 I was a part of the team from my school who worked on a NASA project. We represented India in the ARSSDC (Asian Region Space Settlement Design Competition).
I have a personal blog on which I write about Universe, Physics and Philosophy. - https://astronerdspeaks.wordpress.com/
I have also been invited as a resource person for an Institute which conducts Astronomy Camp for other institutes all around India.

Spare a minute to look at the world around you - take that clock out there clinging onto the wall, or those little glowing dots that poke holes through the darkness of the night sky, or those bolts of lightning that shoot across the skies. It's a fair bet that you've probably seen them all at some point in your life but shrugged it away and got on with the better things in life. Teaching science and mathematics is a lot like poetry, it's about drawing inspiration for the universe and communicating the beauty behind what you see. The simple clock that's been perched against that very same wall for so many years now houses within it a quartz crystal that shivers whenever jolted by electricity, the very same shiver that spell's out each tick you hear. That burst of lightning that slices the night sky in two is just a flash of electrical energy escaping its imprisonment. Meet the photon - Not just any photon - Your photon. What is a photon? The fundamental unit of light, a submicroscopic jot of pure energy. Nothing appears to distinguish your photon from the trillions of others that pour out of the surface of the distant star. All are forged in the star’s fiery core. All have survived the turbulent, outbound journey from the star's beating heart to outer space. In fact, only one thing sets your photon apart from the others streaking across space and time. This photon is destined to enter your eye. This photon belongs to you. After centuries in the voids of interstellar space, it plunges into the Earth’s atmosphere, fortuitously avoiding annihilation by air molecules and dusty pollutants. Meanwhile, darkness has fallen on your side of the Earth. Strolling underneath the night sky, you look up. The photon enters your eye, strikes your retina, and turns over its luminous energy to the biochemical process we call “sight.” Your photon, plus countless others that precede and trail it, paints in your consciousness the impression of a luminous speck in the heavens. On this clear, dark night, thousands of such specks are visible, altogether a twinkling stellar tapestry arching high above your head. This poetry of the natural world is what I love to communicate.

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  • Martin

    He is a great tutor. He has happened me a lot with math. He is extremely knowledgeable and understanding.

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

I've got a pretty different and much more effective approach as the reviews stretching from all across the globe will vouch for. With each concept that we're on a journey to discuss, I try to rope in as many vivid examples, visualizations and animations, which I spend most of my time putting together, as I can. This helps to change our perspective and to inculcate curiosity while also boosting his or her problem-solving skills immensely as well.

I usually start with stories from various different contexts which lie at the heart of the technology or mathematical concept we need to jog through. These stem from history to economics and even movies and shows, and this is what makes each class engaging and much more involved for both sides. If the purpose of science is to explain how to universe works, what better way to teach it then showing him or her how everything is interconnected and laying out the big picture. I then move through the various nuances of the topic with the help of thought experiments and a the occasional joke or two to keep the atmosphere jovial while yet being centred on learning each concept thoroughly inside-out. So that there's no compromise whatsoever on academic rigour, each class is finally topped off with carefully crafted problem-solving sessions at the end to drive each point discussed home and also prepare exhaustively for any future tests that might be around the corner. This three-prong approach really helps bolster his or her creativity, passion and academic skill!

What's equally important is that this also facilitates the building of a strong bond that goes both ways. This is central of the learning process as it then becomes much more comfortable to work out problems, provide support and productively discuss any issues that might require more time and mentoring. Once you get a feel for where he or she really shines, you can build on those strengths and interests to help them achieve whatever goals it is that they've set their sights on. And that's been at the heart of what motivates me to prepare for hours to tailor each class into a complete learning experience, which as in turn has helped me, support learners, from several countries all over the world a hand in being the best they can be.

Just give me one chance and see how its goes, I promise you that I'll try my best to make sure you'll honestly enjoy the learning experience to every last minute! Thanks again for taking the time to hear me out!

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