Luisa Nims, M.Sc

Luisa Nims, M.Sc

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Master's level international consultant focused on reading comprehension, writing, public speaking and building the students character through a love of books. I offer a complete tutoring experience focusing on the ability to communicate effectively while nurturing empathy.

Currently, students who work with me develop better comprehension of what they are reading, how others think and feel, acquire writing skills they do not get in school, and exposure to public speaking. Preparing them for a world that demands an ability to communicate in order to succeed.

I am a mother of two bright kids requiring me to look at the great education they are receiving and see where the holes are and fill them. I am currently running a book club masquearading as tutoring in reading comprehension, development of writing and public speaking. Art projects, writing, writing techniques and exercises, discussion, playing fun games like Jeopardy are part of my bag of tricks.

I love working with kids, seeing the lights go on in their mind, and helping them raise their consciousness and mental acuity.

I also enjoy working with adults who are interested in improving their writing, reading comprehension, language skills and overall communicatin fluency.


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Jim S.

Luisa is perhaps the most talented tutor, or English coach I have ever worked with. I am stunned by her depth of knowledge and how she communicates this knowledge to me where I can easily learn what she is teaching.
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June 27, 2019

Jim S.

She’s more than good; she’s excellent. I just can’t say enough good things about her. I am so lucky to have hired her.
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June 24, 2019
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Liqian G.

My boy loves to go to Luisas bookclub every week. Luisa has been doing a good job selecting the books they are working on. The books are well within their reading level. Not only they are fun to read, but also make the kids think deeper. Luisa always encourages kids to pay attention to details and uses different methods to explore book characters and plots. She also does writing prompts to improve the kids writing at each session. I especially like the individual presentations by the end of each book. She always gives thoughtful feedbacks on how the kids have done their works. I can see that my boys reading, writing and public speaking skills have been progressing fast since we started bookclub with Luisa a few month ago.
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May 01, 2019

Camille W.

Luisa is an extremely intelligent and patient person, with a sound work ethic. She has be an excellent mentor by always being available when needed, making time for questions and by having realistic answers. She is kind with her constructive criticism and has a very nurturing vibe. I would reccomend her and her firm without reservations.
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May 01, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Writing assesment, talk with parents on their goals, the students goals, interests, develop a list of genres the student likes, find out what other likes they have to develop fun activities. 

Masters in Culture and Development Studies at KU Leuven, undergrad in Political Science University of Washington. Lived abroad and have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southeast Asia. Tend to focus on writers from many different cultures and backgrounds to nurture empathy and global thinking.

Was the editor and publisher of two magazines. Writing, public speaking, literay criticism are core strengths as a lifelong reader and love of learning, personality. 

Four sessions at a time, lasting one hour, 180$ block of sessions at 45$ a session. 

A friend asked me to work with her son to help with reading comprehension and writing. I added in public speaking because I know the ability to communicate effectively is central to success in any field. I believe in preparing our children for a bright future. 

I have worked with third  through eighth grade, so far. I would like to work more with high school students,as well. Currently, I also have adult students looking to improve their writing, grammar and mindfullness when reading. 

Our last book club we worked on essay writing. The group was introduced to the 'hamburger' structure of writing an essay. We broke down the exercise into writing a hypothesis/introduction (bun), three points the writer wanted to make (burger and condiments) and a conclusion (other half of the bun) that wrapped up the the points and introduction. 

While they struggled a bit with the writing. They loved the challenge of the writing and felt more empowered after. 

Look at the perspective and approach of the tutor. Find out what their philosophy is and if it fits best with your child and the greater goals. 

What types of books do you like?  Interests and types of activities? Are their parts of the world you are more interested in than others? People? Sports? What are you struggling with at school? What would you like to get better at? What do you feel you are not good at? 

What is important to you? 

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