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Offers online services


I'm a self employed premed student tutor, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a minor in Spanish. I enjoy teaching mathematics, English, Spanish, and high school level science. I've had seven years of tutoring experience, and I enjoy helping students learn. 😊

It is incredibly satisfying seeing someone feel more confident learning and understanding the material. Their success in being able to tackle problems by themselves using the skills I taught makes me feel really happy and proud.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I will take the first two classes to make sure the student is comfortable with me and my teaching style and see what works best for the student to adjust accordingly. After this, I will assign extra work or set deadlines for any assignments they have in a class so we can look over this material in the next session. I understand that everyone has different amounts of free time, so any assignments I assign will be good practice and not mandatory. If the student is under 18 or in high school, I will be updating the parent/guardian for at least the first two sessions. Parents and guardians are always welcome to message me with questions or talk for five minutes after the session. It is important that the student feels comfortable asking questions and reaching out if they need help, so they will take accountability for their learning.

Whatever is listed is the price I normally set ($15 per hour). The price can be negotiated within the first two sessions  if my rate is difficult to pay, and it will be fixed afterwards.

I have worked with students as young as three and students at school or university for Mathematics and English. I have also worked with adults learning English as a second language to help them improve their comprehension and writing skills. I have tutored high school and college students for biology, chemistry, and test prep (ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests).

Take the first day to make sure you are comfortable asking questions and talking openly about your progress with your tutor. The best way to learn is when you feel excited or at least happy coming to class, even if the material is difficult. It can be challenging to be a student, but a good tutor can help you feel more confident and prepared to tackle those assignments and tests. :)

In my opinion, from all the students I have worked with, the answer is nothing. The best students of course come to class having looked at the material, having thought through every single trick in the book, before approaching the teacher with a question. However, the goal of a teacher is to help everyone, and everyone has different needs. Ask anything you'd like, as long as it's mostly on topic, and keep asking questions until you feel more comfortable with the material. There is no such thing as a bad question, even if it's simple and easy to answer. The only thing I ask of students is that they don't just ask for answers; we're here to guide you and it is a lot more satisfying to get to the answer on your own. ^^

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