Science Tutor With A Master's Degree

Science Tutor With A Master's Degree

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Offers online services


I am currently a second year medical student at a top 20 medical school. I authored over 30 peer reviewed scientific publications and was invited to give talks and presentations at over a dozen academic conferences. I scored 99th percentile on my medical school entry exam MCAT. I would love to share my highly effective strategy and help you to achieve your goal as well!

I love teaching and look forward to sharing and promoting the fascination and wonder of the sciences with students everywhere. Teaching is second-nature to me. I grow up in a family where my dad is a general surgeon and my mother is a high school teacher, and I also had extensive teaching and one-on-one tutoring experience at the University of Pittsburgh, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and Master’s degree in biomedical science.

Effective teaching begins with a passion for the subject matter, and requires detailed preparation, careful listening, patience, solid communication, and genuine care for the student’s success, in addition to a great command and understanding of the material. It is also key to tailor and adapt the teaching style to the strengths, weaknesses, and goals of each student and build their confidence--we work together.

Feel free to browse my background and student feedback for a better understanding and feel for my work with students.


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    Chris is an expert in medical school admission. Chris worked with me to fine tune every step of my medical school application and I received interviews from 5 top 10 medical schools this year!!! I really cannot do it without the help from Chris
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    December 30, 2022


    Chris is amazing. He is extremely patient and explains the concepts in a very easy to digest way. He completely changed my way of approaching test questions. He helped me improved from a D to A- for my organic chemistry. I cannot recommend Chris more!
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    December 30, 2022


    Chris really helped me to understand the conversions and factor labels of the conversions in really simple terms. The way he explained the problems I was able to pick up on the concept right away, and he made other problems to help me understand a different way to do multiple conversions in one problem. I would definitely request him again
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    February 06, 2021

    Matt G.

    I came to this platform to study for a standardized test after trying to do so a few times in the past. I was specifically looking for someone to help me put together a study schedule and then check in with on regular basis as I walked through the material. Chris was the perfect fit - he was organized when putting together the study schedule and making adjustments and had both insightful advice on the best way to tackle specific questions as well as helping be get better with some of the basics. Thanks again!
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    February 06, 2021


    Chris is truly one of a kind.. You will never find a tutor that is more dedicated than Chris. Chris helped my daughter with AP biology. Before we start tutoring with Chris, my daughter always struggle with the concepts, but Chris helped her improved her grade dramatically.
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    February 05, 2021

    Bryan A.

    Im a non-traditional post-bac pre-med student. My undergrad was not in the sciences, and I also hadnt taken chemistry since 2001. After the class withdrawal deadline passed, I sought tutoring in despair because I had no choice but to pass. At this time, I was at a D. It was either pay for the tutoring or repeat the courses cost, plus four months.
    Chris took the initiative to reach out to me to work together. His resume was impressive, and I commend his initiative. Some people teach, and then there are teachers, and Id say Chris is a teacher. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging and addressed performance-related issues like anxiety in addition to chemistry material. This approach made me feel very comfortable and strategic around practice problems and tests.
    Chris was very genuine of my success and conscious of the value of time and ensured that the entire tutoring duration doesnt deter other topics unrelated to the curriculum. Concludingly, ten hours with Chris over seven weeks raised my final grade from a D to B.
    I dont write many reviews, but Chris was a lifesaver for me and helped me set up a good foundation for the rest of my pre-med journey. I will indeed be working with him throughout it.
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    January 27, 2021
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    Frequently asked questions

    My general approach is to help students understand the concepts first, and then guide them to solve the homework problems step by step, just so they can truly master the concepts and apply them in novel situations and exams. My strength is that I can really relate to students on both professional and emotional level. During my tutoring session, I devote my full attention to each student and take pride in each one of their success. I encourage them to ask questions when they are confused because that is the only way for them to identify their weaknesses and internalize the materials.

    I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh majored in Chemistry and Neuroscience and I also obtained my Master's degree in biomedical science in 2019. I have great passion for science and teaching, and I have extensive tutoring experience during college.

    In addition, I published a handful of peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals. During my tutoring sessions, I will not only help my students to excel on their exams, but also teach them the critical thinking and scientific hypothesis forming skills. My rigorous scientific training background gives me the privilege to share these skills with my students and nothing other than their success and satisfaction can make me more grateful.

    The tutoring sessions will be charged through PayPal. My PayPal link is, and my hourly rate is $100.

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or text me directly at (412)996-9236 to schedule a meeting, and I can usually meet after 4pm during weekdays and weekends are more flexible.

    If you do have to cancel a scheduled tutoring session, please give me 24 hours’ notice, so I can leave the spot open for other students.

    Depending on students’ needs, I’ve worked with students who need to prepare for a standardized test, or students who prefer to work with me long term to build a solid foundation for the science subjects. Before the tutoring session starts, I will get in touch with the student to have an in-depth understanding of the student’s background and make a personalized plan to make each tutoring session best fit each student’s individual needs.

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