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After ten years of in person, at home tutoring full time in Westchester and Greenwich, I've developed a truly unique tutoring approach that is explained far more efficiently via the videos found at


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    Frequently asked questions

    When meeting a new student, I first seek to understand what problem they want to solve in the short term. Then, I ask about the constraints on their time and we discuss together how they would like to be supported. I use tutorial summary documents to track the progression of the goal as well as the schedule of future tests and quizzes. 

    Once the immediate problem is resolved, I look to understand more about the student's long term goals and time constraints to determine when the SAT or ACT will be prepared for. Once the student identifies their target score, I make a recommendation about frequency of practice tests and tutorials to fit the student.

    I began tutoring geometry in 2003 as a sophomore in high school. Until my graduation in 2006, I tutored math and science topics and the SAT Math section both privately and for the National Honors Society. Upon acceptance into RPI, I tutored calculus and physics for the Advising and Learning Assistance Center as well as for the Naval ROTC program. I graduated in 2010 with a dual major in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

    For the summer of 2021, tutorials can take place from Monday through Friday between noon and four and are billed at a rate of $125/hour. Any portion of a tutorial taking place after 5pm Monday through Thursday or on a Sunday will be billed at $165/hour. I also create and grade assignments for each student outside of tutorial free of charge for up to 30 minutes per week.

    During my time at school, I also met my wife, who applied for and was granted a job in Tarrytown, NY upon graduation. After we moved there, I got a job at a call center doing debt collection (of all things) in order to pay my student loans. A couple of years afterward, I decided to capitalize on my applied math and physics degree and begin studying to become an actuary. I began tutoring again while I studied for my first actuarial exam. Soon, I was doing far more tutoring than studying, and I began tutoring full time in 2013.

    I will work with any student of any age or creed who is interested in applying themselves, however, usually I work with high school students.

    My star pupil, whom I met with for over six years, got into their first choice school on a full ride last year. It was euphoric and I am monumentally proud of them.

    Understand what you're looking for. Are you seeking some mild supplementation of your studies? If so, you may find a better solution with an affordable online tutor or even free resources like khan academy and youtube. 

    However, if you are seeking real partnership with a tutor who will dutifully be there for you each week to act in your best interest, you should consider your choice of tutor carefully. Are we a good fit? Let's find out at 

    Are you ready to prioritize your problem subject in your life?

    Do you already have a specific goal in mind, or should we establish one together?

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