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Offers online services
Offers online services


Founded in 2018 by a Cornell graduate student and a Yale Ph.D. candidate, Tutoria Prep is the cumulative achievement of academics who care about professional pedagogy and are dedicated to providing elite tutoring and exceptional customer service to all its students.

We use an individual-based approach to inspire middle school, high school, and college students to learn, increase their confidence, and achieve academic and career success.

When you work with Tutoria Prep, you work with a collaborative of top scorers and future doctors, physicists, economists, software engineers, data scientists, chemists, lawyers, biologists, and mathematicians who provide excellent one-on-one tutoring and academic support.

4+ years, 1000+ students, 10,000+ hours of instruction

We believe that being an academic mentor is critical to life-long success. We also believe that mentorship requires the ability to motivate and influence. Our tutors serve as lighthouses that guide your child to succeed. In their spare time, our tutors are athletes, dancers, writers, and volunteers. We like to think that our tutors are awesome.


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Offers online services

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    Sarah J.

    I am more than grateful to have an amazing teacher. I was able to find help and understand the subject as he explained everything step-by-step with diligent to ensure that I understand the subject. I highly recommend him as tutor, especially if its related to software.
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    March 09, 2022
    Hired on Tutors

    Sharon T.

    Franklin has been a great addition to my 5 year olds academic life. Ive noticed a dramatic improvement in his skills and confidence. Franklin is very patient. Reagan looks forward to his zoom session weekly. He especially loves the graphics Franklin uses when teaching. It has overall been a wonderful experience.
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    January 25, 2022

    sarah F.

    it has been a pleasure working with franklin. he is very clear and helpful and answers all your questions with ease. i hope to continue working with him!
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    January 19, 2022

    zoe G.

    F-friendly and caring
    R-respectful and reliable
    A-amazing at what he does
    N-never stopping to help
    K-kindly tutoring in a way that works for you
    L-lasting knowledge because of his help
    I-intuitive and impeccably smart
    N-no one beats him!!!!
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    January 19, 2022
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    ana V.

    Franklin is very proactive, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He helped my son in 2 sessions to start building the confidence he needed to tackle Python Coding Problems. Looking forward to seeing my son further advance with his help. So glad we found him!
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    January 11, 2022
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    Sonja W.

    He gets what needs to be done. He is so smart and intuitive
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    November 15, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    1 Finding out about your child’s goals

    We’ll start with a free 10-minute consultation to speak with you and your child to understand your child’s goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We will then prescribe a plan to help your child get to where they want to be.

    2 Connecting the right tutor for your child

    Does your child learn best with practice examples? Repetition? Visual learners? Does well on assignments, but not on tests? After getting to know your child during the consultation, we meticulously match a tutor according to things like the student’s learning style, personality, interests, and related experience.

    3 Gathering assignments and Google Meets

    Our tutors will reach out to you or your child to receive previous exam material and future assignments on the subject being tutored. This will ensure that the session is efficiently spent on tutoring and less on technical difficulties. Our tutors will also send an email that contains the Google Meet Video Conference link.

    4 Tutoring your child

    Personalized online tutoring involves a designed program for each specific student. That could mean our tutors helping your child with homework, reviewing previous exams to identify weak areas, or providing critical examples that will strengthen their understanding of the material, maximize test scores, and increase self-confidence to overcome difficulties.

    5 Communicating after-session feedback

    After each session, we’ll share how your student did in a concise email or a phone call, what we will continue working on, and discuss any recommended changes to achieve your child’s goals and fast-track them to improvement.

    6 Being an academic mentor

    We believe that being an academic mentor is critical to life-long success. We also believe that mentorship requires the ability to motivate and influence. Our tutors serve as lighthouses that guide your child to succeed. In their spare time, our tutors are athletes, dancers, writers, and volunteers. We like to think that our tutors are awesome.

    Alexa Williams

    Ph.D. Chemistry, Yale University, ‘26
    B.S. Chemistry, Montclair State University, ‘21

    Specialty: General Chemistry I/II & Organic Chemistry

    Franklin Tan

    M.S. Business Analytics, Cornell University, ‘23
    B.S. Business and Information Systems, NJIT, ‘21

    Specialty: Python & Statistical Programming Bootcamps 

    Eleanor Parks

    M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon, ‘18
    B.S. Biology, minor Mathematics, Tufts University, ‘16

    Specialty: General Biology I/II, Calculus AB/BC

    Curtis Asral

    B.S. Computer Science, minor Applied Math, NJIT, ‘24

    Specialty: Computer Programming, Calculus AB/BC



    Algebra I/II

    History (World, US, Euro, and Art)

    Literature (British and American)

    Chess (Beginner and Intermediate)


    Computer Science (Python/Java)

    General Biology I/II

    General Chemistry I/II

    Physics I/II

    After-School CS Programs (Inquire for more information)

    Python Programming | Ages: 10-18

    Roblox Game Development | Ages: 10-18

    A family friend found out I scored well on my SATs and school exams and wanted to hire me as a tutor for their daughter, who wanted to go to a competitively ranked college. I worked with her for over two years and helped her achieve a 99th percentile score on her SAT Reading and Math. She also achieved a perfect GPA. Long story short, she got into her dream school (MIT).

    After that, I started tutoring more students during college to help pay for tuition, books, and rent. I had a great time building relationships with the families I tutored. Over time, I built a solid clientele and knew I wanted to help more students. That's when Tutoria Prep was born. With help from a Yale Ph.D. student, my fiancé, we talked to many parents and built a website and a business dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. 

    1 Middle School

    2 High School

    3 College

    4 Career Professionals

    Every college application season, our students get accepted into top schools like Stanford, MIT, Cornell, Yale, and Princeton. Knowing the time and effort our students place into understanding subject material, taking on challenging courses, trying out our CS bootcamps, and having it rewarded is a marvelous sight. We do victory laps for our students! 

    First, find a tutor with a history of academic and tutoring success. Second, get a tutor that thinks like an academic mentor and is invested in your student’s future. More importantly, find a tutor that teaches your student to love the process.

    At Tutoria Prep, we teach students not only to strive for academic success and have a long-term vision but to simultaneously love the process. Loving the process ensures that roadblocks in the future will be met with eagerness and determination rather than fear and avoidance.

    1. What are my short-term and long-term academic goals?

    2. How can tutoring help me achieve those goals?

    3. Why is this important to me?

    Services offered

    Computer Programming
    Test Prep Tutoring