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Offers online services


Consider hiring me for your tutoring needs. With over 4 years of experience, I bring a deep understanding of effective tutoring techniques tailored to each student's unique needs. I prioritize clear communication with both students and parents, keeping everyone informed and engaged in the learning process. My genuine passion for teaching ensures a positive and motivating learning environment, where I am committed to helping students improve and succeed. Previous clients have trusted in my dedication and reliability, knowing that I genuinely care about their success and will go the extra mile to support their academic journey.


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I initially struggled at a topic in physics, but once I attended a tutoring session with this tutor, I immediately found it easy to understand. This tutor is extremely better than my physics teacher at school.
It was really straightforward and easily understandable.
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August 31, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I first of all ensure that my first encounter with a student is fun and interactive in order to establish a positive relationship with the student and I then ask questions to the student in order to know what aspect in physics that they struggle in. 

Each one-on-one lesson is $20/hour

Eversince I began highschool, physics is something I enjoyed and was really good at. I was usually the person whom my classmates would approach to teach them some topics in physics simply because they knew I could explain it better than my teacher could. Having been able to help my fellow classmates with understanding and improving their physics grade is what inspired me to make physics understandable to as many students as possible.

I have worked and had successfully teaching sessions with the following students

1) students who were learning physics for the first time.

2) students who had relatablly good grades in physics.

3) Students who had average physics grades.

4) Students who had below and poor physics grades.

  The only thing that all these student I have tutored had in common was a willingness to learn, and that is all I require to help them improve their grades.

1)Look for a tutor who is has experience in explaining a topic in a simplified manner.

2) Look for a tutor who has a good rating.

Students should think of the following;

1) What do I understand and not understand about the topic?

2)What is the most important part about the topic: this simply means, if there is nothing I must take away from this tutoring session, what must it be.

3)How is the topic that you are about to learn important to you.

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