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Offers online services


While my tutoring spans across multiple subject areas, I specialize in standardized exam preparation and admissions advising.

By far, I am most experienced with the SAT exam. In fact, I even served for the College Board as a contracted exam item writer (part-time) from 2019-2020.

While I had had much success in preparing students for the SAT prior, upon becoming part of the actual exam design and composition process - sneaking behind the "secret curtain" - created a most unique layer to how I approached certain concepts and strategies with students for the better, significantly.

In short, my process is to prioritize the student first. I do not recycle the same exact program of study from one student to the next. I draw upon an arsenal of resources to create customized material for each student to match his/her learning needs and capacities. Thus, while I will generally have an overarching plan when we begin, I react to reality and in real time. If struggle persists that I had not anticipated, I will have resources ready to address by or prior to next session.

Ultimately, if we set realistic expectations, and if the student then follows my lead, I assure you, come exam day, the student will thrive. As many former students have commented in reviews, if we COLLABORATE, the student wins.


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Offers online services

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  • Casual/Comfortable. How all my students feel in the learning environment I create.

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    gina T.

    This service is offered by Dan - probably, and I say this sincerely, one of the figures, though only 30ish at most, who had the most profound impact on my teenage sons academics performance.
    I found Dan and asked that he assist my son, then a HS freshman, with his writing for school (which was very poor). Dan, in our phone discussion, could almost finish my sentences as I described the several issues I believed plagued my sons writing. Clearly, he had seen them all before.
    However, he made clear that he treats no student exactly the same; in fact, he emphasized strongly that if my son cooperated with the very reasonable practice he often asked for completion between sessions, and stuck with learning to write, how to REWRITE, how to revise, and so on, he (Dan) would quickly discover the most effective ways to ensure these skills, with practice, met my son as an individual learner and could resonate with him.
    Very quickly, my son took to Dan, his humor, but also his the intensity he demonstrated in always seeking to make my son stronger. The combination of these attributes is unique in a tutor: Dan maintained the best sense of informality, enabling my son to connect with him, feel comfortable with him, become open and inquisitive with him, and most lethal of all, eventually become invested in completing assignments or even doing things on his own to improve because he didnt want to let Dan down. Dan never asked for or demanded respect - but he sure earned it. And, he took it upon himself, my unlike any other, beginning to maintain track of the 9th grade English readings assigned to my son. Next thing I knew, Dan was integrating discussions about literary elements and techniques in the texts my son was assigned, requiring him to draft short responses to prompts that blossomed soon into shorter versions of assignments consistent with what the teacher would use most units. Dan would read ahead with my son, review his responses to these predicted prompts, and by the end of the year, my sons writing had almost without even realizing it had become immeasurably stronger (almost unrecognizable from 8 months earlier) than when they began. His grades in English in the first two quarters: C and B-, became an A- for the third, and (we all almost fell off the chair) an A+ (I kid you not for the fourth and final quarter).
    While I wanted Dan to continue working with my son, he wouldnt refuse, but he said to me, Lets work through the summer. Lets sharpen all skills. And lets really challenge him to think and write critically.
    But lets maybe stop there. Lets maybe give him time to continue to grow independently as reader and writer in his sophomore year. Not every paper will receive an A. Not every novel or piece of literature will be crystal clear. BUT he has it inside him to work through challenges. And he and I COLLABORATED for almost a year to discover and tap into that. Dan said he refused to believe he would fall on his face and needed to find a bit of himself on his own.
    I pushed. Dan kindly remained firm. I became a bit testy with him - someone who would go out of his whenever he felt beneficial - to reach out to me, update me, pick my mind, offer his thoughts, and give a very detailed progress update very frequently. The number of hours he gave simply to me, and never charging a penny, were tremendous. It was at times listening to the in-the-moment evolving thoughts of I mean a genius but who could adapt to any situation and maintained the most pragmatic ideas and approaches. Our slight diversions and his just indescribable sense of humor also made made many of the calls just delightful.
    I conclude here...Sophomore year began. My son had some struggles; he had some immediate successes; he ended with a B+ the first quarter (now in honors). Not satisfied, my son, reflecting on everything he had ABSORBED, started quarter 2 with unrelenting focus....A-; A+; A+ (his grades in the final three quarters.
    It was halfway through the year, but I texted Dan and asked to speak. I updated him on everything. And I apologized for the curt manner in which I had left off after all he had given. He could not have been more on-point in what he foresaw.
    And as I think of it, basically turning away a very regular client - one who paid on time every time without ever a reminder and even OFFERED (never asked or suggested) a substantial bonus in addition to hourly rates to maintain summer sessions, clearly my son meant more to him than mere money. Any other tutor could have just kept moving with him though sophomore year, put on the brakes and cruised a bit, and it would not have been evident.
    Dan sacrificed a steady pay, an easy client, etc. because of his conviction in what were in my sons best interests.
    THAT....You wont find elsewhere.
    Meet him halfway - and hell take it from there. Whatever his rate, every penny is worth it. I recommend times infinity.
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    September 16, 2023


    kevin F.

    DAN = EXCEPTIONAL in every way. Best experience I couldve had with a tutor.
    He worked with me for a solid six months, elevating my composite SAT score from 1250 to 1510! His approach is super unique, and its unlike any other tutor or rigid commercial course.
    Dan actually spent a year writing SAT items across all exam sections in 2020 - as a part-time fill in for the College Board. So he offers a way of viewing the exam, from how concept mastery to application to strategy (learning to naturally see/spot how the exam writers attempt to throw students off) all in this gradual process in which, if you follow his lead but also remain interactive and vocal with him about absolutely anything, you will feel the progress begin to take shape.
    It took me 6 months with him, and we met consistently. I opted to focus only on the Reading/WL until the end, when I asked he provide some general tips for the math (which were super helpful and certainly assisted with me adding last minute points to a math score I already felt was strong enough. My weaknesses really were in the Reading/WL.
    If you get the chance to invest time with him, youll see how he is not rigid in just thinking everyone learns the same way. He actively draws from top-notch resources, College Board exams, and much more to create a learning experience in which he discovers how you as the learner will not memorize. Instead, youll internalize. And then begin to see how the SAT presents the concepts, how to efficiently and effectively deal with them, and see the exam as not something to fear but something to enter and destroy!
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    July 18, 2023


    victory S.

    I worked with Dan both on SAT prep for 6 months and, then, college applications.
    He is exceptional across the board, bringing my SAT composite score from a 1050 to a 1410. He works towards you as a the student, crafting and developing guides and exercises, relying on extensive College Board material, and finding any way possible to communicate all necessary concepts and, equally important, how to strategically attack the exam.
    In addition, with Dans help, I assembled a common app that was extraordinary. My personal statement, which I knew little about, grew leaps and bounds, and it was legitimately riveting and compelling once complete. Finally, his perception for nuances in how to frame an addendum and so much more makes your application as a whole stand out. Without him, I never wouldve had a chance at U Penn. And yet here I am
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    July 18, 2023


    Jeremy A.

    Worked a solid 4 months with Dan on primarily the Readings sections of the SAT with just a bit of bump for math. Took the June exam and destroyed it. Score, overall, up nearly 150 on Reading/WL section. And I had spent time and money on another tutor before him who just treated me like a robot. Dan is cool and funny, but hes also intense and so super invested in your potential and progress. He involves you -- me, a 17-year-old -- in parts of the decision-making process as to certain assignments, directions, etc. if you show that you care and are mature. I did just that. And, as much as he could read me in a second upon confusion and adapt, he would frequently want to hear my input on the direction he felt best for a certain concept....Not because of doubt but because he knew treated me like a person, like an adult, and, in part, a collaborator. In the end, though, he really put all the pieces together in execution. His explanations -- clear and on-the-money. His helping me develop my own active reading approach that made sense but that was mine (one where I felt comfortable and where it worked with practice) was genius. If you work with him and dont think that magic happens over night, like some tutors (my former one) may tell you, the benefits of engaging fully for the necessary period of time with Dan at the helm...No one better. And, last, just a kinda cool dude.
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    August 20, 2022


    Jason S.

    I cannot recommend Dan enough. He is passionate, dedicated, and able to find ways to make any concept, no matter its difficulty, simple to comprehend and understand. He prepared me for the AP US Government exam -- for which he serves as a free response scorer -- and also has taught the course at the college level, and I absolutely dominated it.
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    June 28, 2022


    Katie C.

    I know there are many positive comments posted here. Honestly, however, all true.
    Dan not only worked with me for several months in the LSAT, taking me from a 145 before we met to six months later a 165; he also worked relentlessly with me to craft my entire law school admissions application -- resume, ways to craftily maneuver around a few things that werent so great, and my god -- the personal statement -- he doesnt just read and suggest; he jumps in there with you.
    The process, in fairness as warned me if I wished to write truly exceptional personal statement -- wou;d take time and make want to pull my hair out. And it did!
    But, what we produced in the end, was the absolute best think Ive ever written in that forum. In my acceptance to Duke, I even received a follow up email from the director of admissions, directly to me, writing about MY ESSAY and how impressive it was and how not many capture the essence of it the way I did.
    Dan. Dan. And Dan. Casual, funny, self-deprecating humor, easy so easy to get along with. But dont mistake that as if its Chuck Cheese, He will push you, motivate you, make concepts so clear verbally, by written example, and more.
    You do not meet tutors/people like this often in life. If you follow his guide, and invest the effort he asks of you, he will go to the Earths end to make you -- specifically you and what you need -- the priority.
    On a final note, his rates are beyond fair for all he does for you. And, if you did have to pay 15-$20 as a rate compared to another tutor, its worth the investment. And, he will work with and be very reasonable.
    Still keep in touch! I call him with law school questions! But he doesnt charge for em that b/c hes basically a friend at this point.
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    May 26, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    I first take a few minutes to chat with the student to get to know him or her. I then ask what material he or she feels most comfortable with and where he or she is struggling. I then use that as a starting point to begin to develop my lesson plans. I sometimes also do a short diagnostic check as well. I then immediately begin to put an individualized study plan together for the student, combining the vast number of resources I possess and also creating new materials if my own, on-the-fly, to really hone in on where and how I can best help the student.


    J.D., Georgetown University Law Center

    B.A., magna cum laude, New York University (NYU) History (departmental honors) and Political Science.

    Minors: Philosophy, English, and Spanish Language & Literature

    M.S., Mathematics, Columbia University

    --Former high school teacher for Teach for America: Humanities and Math.

    --Assistant Director of K-12 Math, Reading, and Writing learning center for four years.

    --Freelance contributor to standardized exam development, specifically SAT and ACT (all sections of each exam).

    --Over 10 years of private tutoring: Writing, Math (elementary through high school), Middle and High School English, SAT, ACT, GED, Praxis Core, LSAT, TOEFL, preparation, Public Speaking, Spanish, ESOL, and more.

    --With SAT/ACT preparation, I develop each course of study to the student's specific needs, and I possess content knowledge of each section of both exams. In addition, as a former exam designer, I know the patterns designed to deceive students. Therefore, I combine content mastery with skilled technique in test-taking.

    I adapt immediately if we encounter struggle, provide clear and concise explanations and examples, both in topic-guide form and in explanation, and I offer countless exercises patterned exactly on exam format.

    As my reviews on this site demonstrate, my work with students has propelled them to scores they initially believed unachievable.

    I initially began teaching by tutoring other students in my high school for honor society. From there, I continued to tutor other students, and I began a small business, which I took with me to college and beyond. I served as the director of operations for a K-12 Math, Reading, and Writing program, and taught high school Humanities and Math. Currently, I serve as an adjunct professor in Political Science, Criminal Justice, and History while pursuing independent legal projects and tutoring students of all needs.

    I have worked with students of all skill-levels, disabilities, backgrounds, and more. You name any type of student, and I have almost certainly worked with him or her as a tutor or teacher.

    A student whom I assisted in drafting a graduate school admission essay recently wrote me a genuinely heartfelt thank you note, expressing his gratitude for how hard I worked with him and saying how proud he was of the essay.

    Think about if you want to be in a comfortable, yet interactive learning environment. The more you think, the more we work together to write essays, solve math problems, prepare for the SAT, ACT, and other standardized exams, build confidence in your public speaking skills, and so much more. If you want someone with you every step of the way -- to keep you on track, alleviate your struggles, and build off your successes, then I believe I'm the right fit for that student.

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