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Anything About English!

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Offers online services


I love language, especially the English, language, reading skills, writing, literature, words and word families -- at all levels. My career has had two stages. I worked as a successful Reading Specialist in K-12 with at-risk students and disabled readers, students needing special attention in phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, composition - all of the language arts.

Then I returned to school and earned a PhD in linguistics, what language is, how we learn it, store it, and process . in our minds and brains. My Phd allows me to teach developmental reading and writing, understanding and analyzing English Grammar, and introductory linguistics for general students, English majors, those who love language as I do, and for those preparing to teach. My doctorate in linguistics treats language as cognitive, communicative, and social skills. Cognitive psychology includes the study of orality and literacy, child language development, neurolinguistics, dialectology for lovers of language and for prospective teachers. Teaching literacy skills

I love all aspects of language, and I love young learners. Countless students have commented that my enthusiasm is contagious. I've had students sitting at the edge of their seats, smiling, waiting for what would come next. Helping a troubled reader become a lover of reading or writing, watching a dreader of grammar become enamored of how language is structured, helping a writer turn a blank page into the composition she or he intended to communicate are the most fulfilling experiences of my life. When students master root words, prefixes, and suffixes, they see their vocabularies explode!


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I need to assess the new student's strengths and needs, and I start showing students how fascinating all aspects of English are from the very first steps of my assessment.

I analyze the student's particular need and plan a program to address those needs. My teaching is always guided by the needs of the student.

BA English with minor in Reading

MA, PhD Linguistics

Special training in working with dyslexic or other struggling readers and writers.

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