Whole Student Tutoring

Whole Student Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am passionate about our young people understanding that life isn’t about making a living and getting by, but making a life and thriving. I do this by getting to the core of what makes each person an individual and figuring out what their passions are. When they know their why, they can do any how. When I work with students I help them see the big picture of life and how their immediate circumstances present an opportunity to grow into the greatest version of themselves they can be.

If you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself so you can tackle any problem that comes your way, I'm your guy.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    1. Connect with parent. In this connection time I find out what the parent is looking for specifically. Once the parents and I have touched base I share what it is I do and my approach to helping their children.

    2. Connect with student. It is probably the most important part of the process because if the student doesn't connect with me or feel comfortable it just won't work. 

    3. Once I've connected with parent and student then we book our first session. In this we establish our goals of working together and what areas the student would like to see growth in. 

    Coach training EDU - Academic life coaching Certification

    BSSM - 1st year Certification 

    Westmoreland County Community College - Multimedia Editing Certification

    Work with parents and see what they need, based upon their needs I create a price for the family. 

    I started tutoring back in 2013 and found how much I loved helping students develop and grow. As the years have gone on I've narrowed in on what areas I really enjoy and focused on mastering those. I learned about myself that my heart is really in helping young adults discover what they are passionate about and create skills/habits to live out their passions. 

    I have worked with students all across the board. Homeless students, elementary school students, middle and high school students and college students as well. 

    With all the differing areas of my history I've found one thing in common. All students are capable, they just need someone to help them get to where they want to be.

    Before I left Colorado and moved to Tennessee I took a road trip with a friend of mine. We drove through Eastern Utah, which is just beautiful and stayed in a mini home out in the middle of no where. So out in the middle of nowhere that if you were quiet you literally heard nothing. After seeing Zion National park and soaking in the beauty of that place we went to the Grand Canyon... There isn't much to say about that place. For words just can't capture the experience the soul has in that place. We then drove to Sedona Arizon and beheld the red rocks. To be honest, after seeing the Grand Canyon, it was hard to revel in awe. But none the less, another beautiful place. We then made our way home through Albuquerque to check out the home where Walter White from Breaking Bad lived. It was a wonderful journey and one that shall hold a spot in my heart forever. 

    Find a teacher that is passionate about the growth of students. When someone has a passion for growth they are willing to take the time needed to go through the uncomfortable process of life and not get annoyed. 

    Pinpointing exactly what their needs are. This can be challenging but when a student is able to come to a teacher with their exact need, the teacher can provide exact help. 

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