Isabela Chemistry Tutoring

Isabela Chemistry Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am currently in pursuit of a biochemistry bachelors, I am a undergraduate student, and despite never being in advanced level chemistry class, I took one this semester and I tutored my classmates and brought the class average up for exams from less than 65% to a average of 89-90%. I have a love for chemistry and sciences I can also help with introducty organic chemistry, such as structures names etc. I am willing to help anyone with chemistry, and help advance you in class, and find a love for chemistry as I did. :)

What makes my Tutoring great is the fact I take in account of the students time available, schedule, and the way they learn. I accommodate everything to their needs. I also have many notes and versions of worksheets and notes that I provide them so they can see a different view From one they had and hopes they can get it in that perspective. I also make sure no one feels judged for not understanding I rather take into the account they have a different version and find what works best for them.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Normally when I meet a new student, I like to establish their goals with the class and their overall major or career. I also like to ask them about their schedule and try to help accommodate the best I can to them. I then proceed with finding the best way they learn and teach them and review with them. I also like to send practice problems and notes I had previous classes to let them see a different version. 

I am a STEM student, I have a overall 3.98 GPA I am a undergraduate, In a chemistry pathway to a university for forensics biochemistry. I eventually am aspiring to go to medical school, but for now I am jus learning and taking it one step at a time. 

I personally don't feel the need to charge a lot, I tutored my class in chemistry for free. I also just find joy in helping others understand and have a love for science as I do. If there is a pricing system, I would charge by hour such as $35/hour. 

I took a chemistry course in college and immediately took a liking, I understood the concepts and I went out of my way to really grasp it. In the end took note my fellow classmates weren't gaining or understanding as much as I did, so I began to make group chats and emails and let everyone know I can help. Our proffesor was a absent one, so I took the role of helping out my classmates. I begun helping and noticed them getting an A on an exam: I also helped with labs and understanding why the reactions occurred within them. Overall I really enjoyed helping people around me and also liked seeing the spark of chemistry interest in them as well. 

I have worked with college students and highschool students. 

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