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I am a great listener and I am able to explain concepts clearly. I am reliable and enthusiastic. I am a trained PhD level scientist. I value kindness and respect. I focus on the tasks at hand. I can relate abstract information to real-world applications. I have publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature and have presented at research conferences around the globe. I have collaborated with and consult for international, national, state, county, and city-level organizations.

Helping people and making a difference for those who have goals and desires. I am very passionate about scientific research and especially fields and subsets or studies related to biology and ecology.

You can find some of what I do and more information about me at some of the following links:




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Kathy G.

Justin helped my son after his statistics class was moved online due to shelter in place orders. He was patient and knowledgeable. Im 100% convinced hes the only reason my son not only passed the class but truly understood what he was being taught. If you need a tutor choose Justin.
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May 15, 2020
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Frequently asked questions

We'll meet in person at coffee shop or goofd spot, or over Skype/Zoom, and review your class syllabus to get an idea of where you are and where you are heading.

We will identify areas you feel good about, and weak areas you need help with. We'll discuss any other important things you feel will help to prepare me to best serve your needs in turtoring.

I can explain any concepts and details to you and ensure you understand them. I can help you work through example problems. I can offer you the best advice that I have to facilitate the best grades possible on your exams and what study habits I know work well for everyone.

Ultimately, your success is my success.  

In the past, students have included thing slike example problmes in powerpoints that they have screenshotted form things. Given the opportunity, sending those kinds of things ahead of time can really work to better the results and increase productivity. What's great about me, is I have a lot of ideas and I am flexible in making sure the approach works well for each student.

I have a PhD and nearly 15 years of experience in my field. I have taught college level classes and learned from some of the world's best scientists. See the website I include in my profile to see many of these associated details. 

Negotiable but always reasonable. SOmething around $15-25/hour depending upon the needs and few details. I can't do it for free, but I really get as much if not more seeing when students met their goals and succeed throught tutoring and encouragement.

My mom inspired me. She was a teacher. Then, when I began on my path as a sceintist during my undergraduate years, I began to teach others as I myself increased my own knowledge and such opportunities arose in classroom settings on campus, in laboratories, and through outreach. In gradutae school.

All types! I just truly enjoy helping people. That moment when you know someone truly "gets it" (and is not just saying that) by way of my help and teching is truly the main reward. I like helping people that are underpriveledged. Effecting positive change on just one person such as through teaching can have great imapcts you would never expect. Since beginning my days in teahcing, I have had many students who later came to me and thanked me for helping them to achieve their goals and whom have gone on to accomplish great things.

Spending time outside is always great and I'm excited about not being locked down any more! =)

Make sure the teacher is good listener. In order to understand your strengths and weakesses, and to achieve the most in tutoring, the student should be doing most of the talking to ensure the concepts are sticking. It can be easy just to shake your head yes and agree and say you understand, but make sure actually do! If you do not, speak up about it! Help the tutor by providing example problems ahead of the tutoring session, or other releveant materials. For myslef anyway, I too like to have a chance to perpare to make the most of the time and be really on point.

What are your goals - this could be a simple as I need an A in this class, or, i need to pass this class with a C. Goals could be more deifned, like, I need to understand this material in great depth because I seek to be a biologist one day. So, set your goals.

How committed are you? Are you doing this only because you have to, or because you have a real passion for the subject? It's actually OK either way, but by being true to yourself you can help understand what your goals and needs are. You may have a strong interest in the subject but none the less need a good grade.

What are your strengths, and what are your weaknesses, especially in the contect of the subject. Are you good at memorization, or better at abstract thought? It's OK if you don't know these answers too, a good tutor can help you to think them through! 

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