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Offers online services


Hello my name is Casey and I'm definitely still a kid at heart which in many ways helps me relate and find a connection with each of my different students. I believe there is no one way to teach children because everyone learns differently and it's just a matter of finding the connection and once that happens the growth is amazing and a beautiful sight to witness. I take pride in getting my students excited about learning. My lesson plans vary by each child and our constantly being changed and adapted to different situations. Each child has struggles and some aren't just in school but may be a mental block or just anxiety or simply boredom. I strive to find out what the biggest issues are and we tackle them as a team. I believe in working hard and playing hard. My students deserve to realize that if they work hard and learn the fundamentals that may be boring to them at the moment they will soon have the ability to choose what they want to study and it won't be boring. I make each session different and interactive. The assignments and homework I give vary from child to childAnd could be something along the lines of posting spelling words around the house and each time you pass them you need to spell them. It could be achievement charts, Prize and goal driven charts, or virtual field trips. Some of my students are just bored so if we find a way to keep their interest we can find a way to teach them Waymore than we anticipated. No two students are the same therefore no two lesson plans are the same. My goal is to have each of my students excited to participate and at the end of our sessions ask "please let's just do a few more!"

Honestly there isn't anything I don't enjoy about what I do. I take pride in seeing the progress and growth not only in the student academically but mentally and emotionally as well. Many learning issues coincide with personal obstacles the child may be going through. I honestly enjoy signing away around, under, through any wall or setback and strive for positive results. I like to have fun and ensure my students are learning at the same time. To see a student excited because they did well in an area they felt insecure and isA gift in itself.


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    Chance H.

    Honestly I wish I could give her more stars. My daughter was struggling with reading and grammar to such an extent we were running out of people to try and help her. She was so frustrated she was crying every day and was devastated. Casey found a way to connect with my daughter and immediatelyThey begin working together and improvement was Unbelievable. My daughter was suddenly excited about the subjects that previously caused her to be distraught and it was such a beautiful thing to see it brought tears to my eyes. Casey used different games and approaches until they found the best fit. She made it interactive and fun and my daughter didn’t even realize she was learning. Instead of crying every day she was begging to do more worksheets and homework. She even created a reward system for every assignment completed and did well on then Casey would mark it down on a chart and when my daughter accrued enough points or stickers she could choose to either get a prize then, or save them and get a bigger prize in the end. I couldn’t believe I found my daughterClapping out the syllables of words just while walking around the house. They had fun together but my daughter learned so much. She took her time and was extremely patient and her passion is unmatched by anyone else I’ve ever met who works with students. Casey definitely has been an amazing ability to connect with her students in a way that creates positive results not only with grades but I saw a difference in attitude, excitement, and responsibility in completing tasks not just in regards to schoolwork. I can’t thank you enough Casey!
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    October 02, 2020

    Zayah S.

    She worked so well with my 7 year old son who was having crying fits everytime he had to read. She broke through that barrier first session and he was so excited! He kept begging her to Lets just do 3 more questions! Was that my son?? Happy after school and i caught him reading instead of playing video games! She used different methods of awards and progress and got him excited! I have spelling words on notecards all over my walls of my house and the rule is he has to spell them each time he passes! Ha! Went from getting 1 right to getting 100%!!
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    October 01, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    honestly, each process varies according to each student. Initially I spent time getting accustomed to the student and attempting to figure out the best way to connect with them. Not every student learns at the same pace or in the same way. Getting acclimated to each individual child or adult is necessary for success and the ability to build a foundation from which we will build upon. Younger students often have difficulties focusing and remaining positive when they are confused or don't know the proper answer. Finding a way to connect with them so we can learn while having fun keeps  them motivated and stimulated enough so they can retain the information, understand it not just simply memorize it.  Some students pretend they don't understand because any attention is good attention in their eyes. I strive to help my students recognize the importance of reaching goals they have set forth for themselves because they need to learn how to be proud of their efforts.  I utilize a variety of methods based upon each persons situation. Different reward systems suited to each individual, extra activities, applying lessons to real life situations to help understand concepts more accurately and in depth, help with students who have emotional issues which interfere with their learning process, and most of all I make it fun. The vast majority of my students try to ask me to continue teaching even after our sessions are over! I strive to reinvigorate their enthusiasm for learning and school! 

    I have multiple associates degrees in liberal arts and health science and am only a few credits shy of my bachelors. I graduated with honors and received an international certificate in English and Reading comprehension.

    i have an incredible ability to communicate with people in a multitude of ways and find a way under, around, or through any obstacle.

    Been CPR certified.

    Worked in hospitality industry for 16 years.

    Efficient in computers and programming

    Have tutored for almost 6 years varying from children with severe learning disabilities, children with mental and physical disabilities, underprivileged children, and those with ADD and ADHD.  

    It varies based on location, age, number of students (siblings or multiple students in the same grade can be arranged for classes with a discounted rate). Also, some children need extra help and materials vary. Some need more time and more frequent sessions. Also, sometimes situations arise and in order to help your child exceed expectations and excel, extra time may be needed. However, I understand the importance and am willing to discuss options that fit everyone's needs! 60min private lessons start at $75 an hour and packages can be created to create a more cost efficient option.  Group rates begin at $40 per student for 60 min sessions.  Again, packages can be created to discount the standard rates! We can figure something out so your student gets the best possible opportunity !! 

    I was given the opportunity to have a great education growing up and I want to share that with as many people as I can.  I actually tutored my fiancé's nephew for the first time because he was 7 and was having break downs every day about reading at school. Within two weeks he was begging me "please just a few more pages" or "please just a few more questions!"

    A multitude! From students who are at the level they are "supposed to be at" as well as those who are grades behind. I have started with 4th graders who can't read, children who are dislexic, color blind, ADD, ADHD, addicted to video games, underprivileged, and I have also tutored a blind young lady. 

    A 7 year old boy couldn't read without crying EVERYTIME during reading class or when told to read a book. I started a reward system with him on a chart and within two weeks instead of watching tv after his bed time, he snuck a flashlight and book in his bed!!!! :) I cried! 

    Trust your instincts.  Who makes you feel comfortable? Who makes you excited to learn and keeps your attention? Who do you trust? Ask the teacher what kind of things do they do to help. Lastly, "can we work hard and play hard?????"  That's my motto! 

    How do they feel about confiding in this person.  Are they asking the right questions.  Will these questions help them with their problem?? Is what I'm asking possible for the teacher to answer or fix the problem?  Bottom line, if they found the right teacher they should be able to ask almost anything. (As long as it's respectful) 

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