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Offers online services


I have tutored students from the ages of preschool to college and work to find the best method for each individual to grasp and understand a subject. Not everyone learns the same way, so looking at a problem in a new light can help students learn what otherwise may be confusing.

I have been enamored with math, science, and the subtleties of English since I was in middle school. I began tutoring young students when I was a freshman in high school, so I have grown in my teaching methods as I have grown in my level of intelligence. This December (2016), I will be graduating from the Honors College at Michigan State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Animal Science. To acquire this degree, I have taken many prerequisite courses and AP high school courses across the science, math, and English spectra.

I have tutored individuals of elementary through college ages and also have worked at a company, EyeLevel, as a tutor of classrooms of up to six children between the ages of four and fifteen. I also work as a substitute for a Montessori toddler classroom.

I love to see that light-bulb moment where something clicks and the information that previously made no sense suddenly lands in place and my student understands the topic under scrutiny. I enjoy certain subjects, and they make a lot of sense to me. If I can impart that enjoyment and understanding on other individuals, I've played my part and feel rewarded.


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Offers online services

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    Jayshree P.

    Anna is an excellent tutor. She tutored my two daughters and they both loved her. I highly recommend her for tutoring.
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    September 15, 2016

    Frequently asked questions

    I like to interview my new students a little to find out about them:

    What is your age? Grade level?

    What are your interests in school? Outside of school?

    What do you struggle with in school most?

    What am I going to be helping with? Studying for an exam? Going through homework problems? Helping to find more study problems?

    Anything else I should know before beginning?

    I like to be prepared so that neither of us waste our time. I'd hope to know what I'll be helping with before beginning so that I can make sure I know what I'll be talking about!

    I have been tutoring in English and Math since middle school, on my own and at a business with elementary through high school aged children. I tutored college general chemistry in college. I have acquired high marks in my science courses as I have pursued my Animal Science degree. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences from the Honors College at Michigan State University. I enjoy learning and teaching, mostly because I understand subjects ranging from English grammar to Organic Chemistry.

    I work for $25/hour within 10 miles of my home and tack on an additional $5/hour for each additional 5 miles of driving to account for time in the car and gas money. Example: if you live 25 miles from my home, I will charge $40/hour. 

    When I was a freshman in high school, one of my friend's mother's approached me to have me teach her youngest son English and spelling. That kicked off my enjoyment of tutoring. I even took a teaching class for an elective in college that focused on the best ways to help students understand information. I enjoy helping the metaphorical lightbulb turn on behind someone's eyes as they suddenly grasp the information that had as yet been out of reach. 

    Elementary (preK-5th grade)

    Middle school (6th-8th grade)

    High School (9th-11th grade)

    College (General chemistry)

    I went to Washington D.C. in August, 2016. I visited many monuments and memorials. Talk about enlightening and educational! There were so many quotes from the greatest politicians in our past, discussing the importance of education, understanding, and acknowledgment of change. As Thomas Jefferson said in 1817, "Knowledge is power... Knowledge is happiness."

    Make sure that you have what you need with you when you go to meet your tutor. For example, don't leave a textbook behind because you don't normally use it. The tutor will find it helpful, and teach you how to utilize the tool inherent in the textbook.

    Prioritize the things you need help with. If you only have an hour to study with a tutor, make sure you work on what you need most help with first. 

    Show up prepared. If you are going to want help with homework problems, try some of them first. You may be able to eliminate some ofthe problems by completing them on your own, therefore being able to get through more problems with which you require help.

    What is the first assignment due, or the first upcoming exam with which you need help?

    Can you pinpoint certain subtopics within a subject with which you're struggling most?

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