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The Maryland Math Tutor

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Offers online services


We allow students to discover their passion for math--helping them learn that math is not as bad as it seems. By breaking down difficult concepts and problems into simpler and more conquerable tasks, it shows students that there is always a solution to every problem, and there will always be defined steps to get to that solution. Not only do we teach concepts in math, but we ensure that students learn how to study math more efficiently on their own, become better test takers, and tackle difficult math problems. With enough time and energy pointed in the right direction, anyone can be good at math!

Personally, I enjoy when students discover their love for math after learning that it is not quite as bad as it seems, once they understand the proper ways to solve problems and study on their own. I see my own passion for math in each of them, and it is always awesome to know that every student I tutor is left with a better relationship with math.


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Evan B.

He explained the topics well and he cleared up all of my misconceptions.
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March 19, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I know that students are looking for tutors because they are confused about the things they are doing in class. Their teacher might be fine, but something just isn't clicking.

What I like to start with is fully understanding where you are getting confused. From previous experience, it's usually one small piece missing from the puzzle in your head that will mess with you the entire rest of the way. After figuring out where that little bit of missing information is, I aid you in fully understanding that concept; depending on your ability to learn it, I could simply use a short lesson followed with some practice problems to really nail that point home, or we can go through the concept step by step, breaking it down to the simplest parts to make sure you fully grasp the idea. 

I have taken up to Calculus 3 in college at the University of Maryland, and will be continuing my study of higher level math. I have done a few math competitions in years past including the AMC in middle school and high school. I have also taken part in a few summer courses that are meant to provide challenging and rigorous math exercises to get you ahead of your peer.

Pricing usually depends on what I'm teaching but I always charge per hour, not per session. 

I started teaching through the multiple honor societies I've been a part of, ever since middle school all the way until now. I also tutored my siblings and friends, who greatly appreciated the extra help. I also started making math-related videos on my youtube and tiktok.

I have worked with students of all age groups, from elementary school students to college students.

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