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Offers online services


Would you like to see your son or daughter gain confidence and become a "happy reader"? Are you looking for someone who works at your child's pace, building a strong foundation for more advanced reading?

Children hold a special place in my heart, and I am committed to helping them flourish. I will work faithfully and consistently with your son or daughter as we experience one "Aha!" moment after another.

Born into a long line of teachers on my father's side, I discovered my passion for teaching through engaging with my Chinese students. Soon after I started, I earned my TESOL certificate.

From teaching English as a second language in China, via an online platform, I found my passion for teaching reading, and transitioned to a reading interventionist program. Currently, I have elementary and middle school students, and collaborate with more than 3,000 tutors.

In January 2021, I began working with students struggling with dyslexia and ADHD while learning the Barton Reading and Spelling System, one of the top programs noted for teaching students struggling with dyslexia. I wanted to learn more about dyslexia because several of my students had dyslexia and I found students affected by dyslexia were widely misunderstood and pigeon-holed.

One of my tutoring highlights has been working with an extremely shy student who hid behind a curtain for much of class; today, he sits at his desk out in the open: tall, confident and aware of his intelligence and exceptional talent. Students become the vision of who you see them to be.

In another situation, I had the pleasure of working with a bright 15-year-old student who needed help with fluency and comprehension. He had chosen a 400-page book for us to read in just six weeks. Initially, I tested his ability in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension to pinpoint his performance in all three areas; armed with the results, I developed a tool for comprehension he could use when reading. My student used what I had produced without any instructions. (I had intended to explain the aid in the following class.) In our third lesson, with just one week of having used the chart without directions, he raved about the effectiveness of this learning aid. As we read, in our third lesson, I could already see improved comprehension.

I am eager to meet your child and help them gain ground in their reading ability, developing within them an excitement about the world of reading!

I like meeting students where they are and working with them to reach their full potential. Helping them to see their progress is critical to building their confidence in their abilities. Along the way, I am intentional about pointing out how much they can do, not focusing on what they cannot do yet. It is said that a student will become who you say they are. That is why it is so important for them to see their advancement and their potential.


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    Anna P.

    To whom it may concern, As we all know, the pandemic year brought many educational challenges. I decided to reach out to get children have been meeting with Teacher Elizabeth Kampororo for the past few months in order to build on their fundamental reading skills. Mrs. Kampororo has been working with them on letter sounds, blending, and general phonics. From the start, Mrs. Kampororo has always been professional - both punctual and communicative with us as parents. She is a pleasant person, and both of my children look forward to their sessions with her. My twins are two different people, including their learning styles. I am very impressed with the work that Mrs. Kampororo puts into tailoring the sessions to each individual child. I have noticed that if something is not working, she has the flexibility, creativity, and patience to adapt her teaching method. I have many great things to say about our experience with Mrs. Kampororo, but I believe that this is the most telling for you, as someone considering her for tutoring assistance. I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Kampororos reading tutoring services. Sincerely, Anna Prall
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    August 04, 2021


    Leah B.

    Elizabeth is very dedicated, punctual, patient, kind, and engaging. She has found a way to not only keep our 4-year-old hooked into the class but also he looks forward to his time. Elizabeth does a really good job and assessing his strengths and weaknesses, and addressing those weaknesses immediately. Ms. E is a wonderful tutor and we highly recommend her services.
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    July 14, 2021


    Jose R.

    Elizabeth is very responsible, responsive to your inquiries and very patient with the student. My child definitely improved his reading skills thanks to her.
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    September 26, 2020


    Craig J.

    I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Elizabeth Kampororo. I have known her for several years. I met her at my church (Covenant Life), and most of our interactions have been in the context of a church activity. In addition, she also lived in our neighborhood for a season. During this time, we relied on her to watch over our dog and house while we were on vacation.
    I have served as a lay leader in the children’s ministry program at Covenant Life Church for several years. Once a month, I oversee the other adult volunteers who serve the children during the Sunday morning service. Elizabeth volunteered to serve in children’s ministry for almost a year during 2017. Elizabeth was an eager volunteer, looking and asking for ways to help. She is responsible, friendly, and takes an interest in others, both adults and children. No concerns were raised by me or others during the time she served in children’s ministry.
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    June 11, 2020


    Malia H.

    To whom it may concern: 5/19/2020-
    I have known Elizabeth Kampororo for almost three months. We met in Joanne Kaminski’s Reading Interventionist Program class. The class teaches students how to diagnose a student’s reading level and needs, and how to address these needs in order to close the gap the student has. She was my accountability partner in the class, so we met every week. We found it so helpful that we have continued to meet every week to grow our friendship and support each other on our journey of becoming better Reading Tutors. I have found her to be enthusiastic about learning and trying new things. She never seems afraid to ask questions or help others who are struggling. I have found her to be very supportive and positive. One of the things I admire most about her is her ability to see the good even in what seems like a setback. For example, Elizabeth had an opportunity to do an assessment for a potential client. This was the first assessment she did using the QRI-5 which we learned how to use in the Reading Interventionist Program class. After the assessment, the mother wanted her daughter to continue working with Elizabeth; however, the daughter didn’t want to do any tutoring at all, even though she enjoyed working with Elizabeth. The mother decided not to pursue any tutoring at all. Though Elizabeth Kampororo was disappointed, she was excited for the opportunity she had to practice what she was learning and knew it was a beneficial step in her professional development. Elizabeth later explained to me that she still typed up a detailed report of the assessment for the mother in hopes that it would help give her direction in homeschooling due to Covid 19. With these wonderful attributes, I believe she will be a great asset to you and especially the students she serves. -
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    June 11, 2020


    Ramona J.

    May 17, 2020-To Whom It May Concern,
    I am writing this letter of recommendation for Elizabeth Kampororo. She is seeking to be considered for a position within your organization as an online Reading tutor.
    I have worked in the education field for 24 years and the social services field for 12 years. Elizabeth displays the qualities one looks for in an educator: caring, compassion, eagerness to see her students excel and dedication to her profession.
    I believe she would be an asset to any school system as a tutor, and I highly recommend her to be considered for this position. Sincerely, Ramona Janelle -Reading Stars Online Tutor
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    June 11, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    First, I email an intake questionnaire so I can learn more about the student, enabling me to respond to any parental concerns and obtaining any previous feedback from teacher(s).

    Next, I set up a time to do a comprehensive QRI assessment. If the assessment shows any weak areas, I have additional assessments: phonemic awareness and phonics, vocabulary and spelling. I also have a dyslexia screener should the parents want me to test for dyslexia. While only a psychologist can diagnose dyslexia, I can say "According to the dyslexia screener, your child shows many tendencies of dyslexia" or "Your child isn't showing a propensity for dyslexia."

    I drill down on the specific issue(s) above so I will have good data and solid feedback for the parents. Within 24 hours, I provide a thorough written report about the assessment for the parents.

    Based on the results of the assessment(s), the parents' preferences and the parents' endorsement of my proposed educational plan, I put together a flexible strategy to help the student achieve the goals we set.

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