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Ms. Danielle's Homeschool Classes

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Offers online services


I aim to create a both rigorous and fun atmosphere where students of all ages can learn. I started out as a private tutor, have been a classroom teacher (Middle School English and SEI licensed) for two years, and spent the last year working as a homeschool teacher for two wonderful families.

I absolutely love using creative, hands on activities to enhance student engagement. I love sharing in the students excitement as they learn and grow.


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Stephanie K.

Thank you for this opportunity to support Danielle Budge Hanrahan’s candidacy for this position. Danielle is an intelligent, ethical, and trustworthy individual with whom I have interacted in multiple settings, including professional and familial. During the past year
and a half, a time period that has challenged many people, she has proven herself to be energetic, innovative, and responsible. She stepped into the role as a nanny and private tutor for my twin six-year olds at the beginning of the pandemic, providing emotional reassurance, profound competency, and a lot of education and fun for my two little ones. I have come to know her as a dedicated and compassionate individual, and I believe she would be a true asset to your family.
I found Danielle on, and I am constantly grateful that I did. She came into my home—following all safety protocols—armed with a mixture of her own curriculum and our school’s guidelines for remote learning. She found a way to make learning fun for my kids, who were already weary of remote learning, and she reinforced our decision to keep them at home for the school year by understanding the material they were being taught, demonstrating technical aptitude, and explaining the lessons in a customized way that worked best for each child, a kinesthetic and visual learner, respectively.
On a personal level, Danielle is one of the few people with whom I trust my twins and, as the pandemic restrictions eased, their friends and little cousin. She is sweet and patient, yet she is also disciplined and strict, a balance I appreciate and try to emulate. She also drives my kids to lessons, initiates and plans field trips, and infuses all that she does with enthusiasm, safety, and tidbits of information cleverly hidden in anecdotes, jokes, and songs.
My kids trust and adore Danielle, as do I, and I am very grateful to have gotten to know her and her husband over this past year: They are amazing people who are guided by principles of love and generosity. This insight into her personality, coupled with my knowledge of her determination, creativity, and experience, enables me to support her candidacy wholeheartedly. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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July 15, 2021


Ozge K.

We have retained the private tutor services of Danielle Budge during the Academic Year 2020-2021 for our son. During this time, we have observed that Danielle is an incredibly talented teacher who was able to teach our child with creativity, ingenuity and sincerity that helped him appreciate and like topics that he had not liked before such as history and writing. Our son went from hating writing to be setting her goals to become a writer.
For this academic year Danielle created curriculum for Grade 1 and 3 and perfectly administered lesson plans, unit studies and assessments. She is a technology savvy teacher always looking for new and better ways of instruction.
Danielle has a great work ethic and a wonderful personality. Thus far I have not come across many teachers with her unique set of skills and capabilities. She is especially effective in creating positive learning outcomes with children on the gifted spectrum.
All in all, I would highly recommend Danielle to all classroom and teaching environment and especially recommend her for her skills in teaching the gifted. She is an amazing asset to all classrooms. She has a special talent to make learning fun.
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July 15, 2021

Frequently asked questions

My first goal is to get to know the student, their interests and passions. I then use this to create personalized assignments that meet all state standards. My specialty lies in creating hands on lessons that encourage an inate love of learning.

I have a bachelors in English, a Masters in Education, and am a licensed educator (Middle School English with an SEI certification). 

For those requesting more than 20 hours a week, my price is more negotiable but my average prices are as follows:

Elementary and Middle School Tutor (General Education)- $30/hr

High School English/ College Preparatory English- $40/hr

Home School Educator (Elementary and Middle School)- $35/hr

I will also work up to 30 hours a week as a nanny educator, where I will fulfill both a caregiver and educator role. Price varies depending on depth of role and age/needs of child/children.

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