Professional Tutoring From A Working Software Engineer

Professional Tutoring From A Working Software Engineer

Offers online services
Offers online services


I'm a full-time software engineer at Slai where I play the role of an all-in-one full-stack developer, product designer, and data engineer. My work involves developing DevOps software to help teams and businesses quickly build, deploy, and iterate on their machine learning applications. While that is my day-to-day work, teaching is a side hobby.

I graduated in the University of Southern California's class of 2021 for computer science, so you know I'm "edumacated", and cultured (kind of).

I will fulfill the role as your computer science + software engineer teacher and tech career counselor. I'll teach you how to approach problems and challenges to set you up for success in a tech role, but I won't write your college essays.

If you want to go down the role of entrepeneurship in the future, I can share my experiences. If you want technical consulting, contact me personally. I'm here to teach and share knowledge, not help you run a business.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

I will first chat asychronously with the student by email or through messaging to learn the needs, interests, and expectations of the student. 

With the information from the introductions, I can I assess whether I can formulate a curriculum for the student. It's not a perfect system so bear with me. I need to know if the expectations of the student can be completed within their desired timeframe (within my own schedule) and also assess how much I know about the topic of interests.

For example, if the student wants to learn about data structures, algorithms, and some web application development, I can setup a curriculum with personal sessions and projects personalized for that given student. However, if the student wants to learn about operating systems and networking protocols, I would need to be sure that they have prior knowledge before jumping in. And of course, if I know little or nothing about the topic, I cannot accept giving tutelage to that student.

I have a bachelor's in computer science from the University of Southern California. I am also currently in the midst of pursuing my master's in computer science at the same institution.

I won't charge anything for a discovery conversations. It's important to learn if I can fulfill a person's needs before any services are involved.

Lessons and counseling are priced at $40/hr.

For technical consulting for your business, contact me through my LinkedIn.

I have played the role of mentor and lead for many of projects in college and this usually involved onboarding and teaching people from a range of experiences. In my last 2 years of high school, I tutored math up to Calculus 2. 

I've worked with college computer science students and high school college-prep students.

My advice would be to find someone that you can feel comfortable with asking stupid questions to. A bad mentor, will shoot down dumb questions and inhibiting someone's curiousity discourages growth. A professional environment usually would seek to have a positive culture.

If it's a very specific technical question about a bug like


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ImportError: No module named cv2


Try looking it up on Google first because if you ask me directly, I'll probably do just that. 

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