FlipSetter Academy - Your Course Is Available Right Here!

FlipSetter Academy - Your Course Is Available Right Here!

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Offers online services
Offers online services


We've proven our Virtual model on our website from students from previous schools.

I started out contracted by another company, and then realized the impact I was making to bring hope to students and their parents. Parents want the best for their kids...there's no argument there. However, to get the student motivated is another story. That's what I specalize in...how to connect a student to a course / subject matter and to enjoy it or relate to it! : )

Yes, that is quite possible! #drumroll

I have helped students get into the IVY leagues and other colleges of their dreams, mentored them on how to make good choices, and the response has been stellar. I was getting 20 tutoring requests a week. Then I started group tutoring.

Our business specializes in creativity, group collaboration, participation and overall improvement. We have the best tools on the internet and we want to share them with you. WE ONLY DO GROUP TUTORING!

Sam - public speaker, writer, consultant, tutor and strategiest. Here is my profile - https://flipsetter.com/user/profile/Y8wT2

The way I tutor is that I guide the students to figure out the right answer themselves. Students feel happy, proud and confident when they’ve figured it out themselves. It elevates them, and I do that for all of my students.

Successful students are those that truly understand the material, and “shake things up” a bit to figure out another angle to the problem. Instructing is good, but guiding them to the answer is better because now I know they are self-sufficient!

This makes me a better tutor too because I constantly think of different techniques and different angles to help them understand the answer.


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Offers online services

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    Hello. Im from India. English is a second language for me, and was very difficult. I was studying for English Comp in college. I connected with Sam because he is also my background. He helped me focus on essay writing. We mapped out basic formulae for me to follow. I recommend him.
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    December 13, 2019


    Sam is a very helpful tutor. I needed help with gen chem. We started by him looking at my school curriculum. He asked me where I was having difficulty. I showed him. He helped me understand stoichoimetry and stuff. Turns out, I just didnt know where the numbers came from in the formula. He pointed it out. Thank you, Sam
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    December 13, 2019

    Fred S.

    Sam was fantastic. I was studying for SAT. Ive been through many tutors, and then was referred to Sam. I saw that he has a 4.9 / 5.0 star rating on his tutoring profile from another site. He has a very unique way of teaching, and I liked studying with him. Great personality. He increased my score 250 points on the SAT. I got 1300+ - 10/15/19
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    December 13, 2019

    Isaac V.

    knowledgeable, professional and personable
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    December 13, 2019

    Carsten W.

    He really helps explain topics that Im struggling with. He makes sure I understand why something is correct and how Ill be able to answer questions like those correctly in the future. While tutoring with him, I have grown and learned a lot.
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    December 13, 2019

    Fred C.

    Good Tutor! Very knowledgeable and helpful.
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    December 13, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I walk them through crash courses for:

    -SAT math, reading and writing

    -ACT math, reading and writing

    This lets me gauge where their strengths and weaknesses are. I also like to learn who they are, what they do and what they aspire to me because it's all personality based. This helps me learn their learning curve.

    As an independent tutor I get requests all the time for SAT, ACT, math, science and other courses. 

    My tutoring skills are one of a kind, and I help students relate to the subject matter so they become self-sufficient. 

    I have two masters degrees, and I graduated with Physics and Biomedical science backgrounds. You can see on my portfolio link! : )


    My pricing is $15 / hour, and I usually do two hour sessions which applies to every course. 

    I've tutored geometry, AP Physics, Medical Technology, SAT, ACT, PSAT and many other courses available upon request. The more you tell me, then the better we can do with you!

    I realized I was good at it, and I've been tutoring since I was in high school.

    People tell me I'm good with words, out of the box thinker and the ability to captivate and audience with story telling. 

    So, I thought I'd give it a try. Here I am! : )

    "special needs," high school, middle school and college.

    I've tutored - writing, college essays, entrance exams, SAT, ACT, medical technology, and just about any course that has been given to me out of request. 

    I've tutored international students, athletes, cheerleaders, gamers, etc. 

    I had a Hispanic student in Arizona where he was looking to get into Stanford and / or MiT. I tutored him for 3 months, got him to 1390- 1400 score, and made his family very happy. 

    He just had an interview with MiT a week ago. He was astonished with my methods thinking he couldn't get any better than he already was. 

    My students on average score 1300+ on the SAT

    Get to know your tutor's strengths and weaknesses, ask as many questions as you can, take practice tests and work hard. 

    Studying is a lot like sports. You develop muscle memory from training in sports a lot. Test preparation is the same way. It becomes automated in your brain after much exposure. 

    Is my goal realistic? What are the ways for me to get there? Do you have alternatives? Can you teach it to me in a different way? Can you draw it out for me?

    Services offered