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Offers online services
Offers online services


Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you here. What is unique about my service is that I am dual degreed in Illinois holding a Bachelor's in Education and Special Education with Learning Differences my speciality. With 3 partial Master's and coursework in three areas, I hold endorsements in Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, ELL and Social Studies.

I have taught every grade from two year old preschool through high school and worked as an inpatient teacher in a Hospital setting.

I have also trained teachers in new Math curriculum and supervised and managed the education of students in Group Homes. I have diagnosed and planned remediation for students in Special Education classes from grades K-12 both in regular classes and self contained classes; departmental and individualized instruction and trained teachers how to modify lessons for easy learning.

I understand what problems students have and am trained in a variety of remediation techniques. I am the expert the staff and parents call on to find out what the student needs to be successful. I have written Individual Education Plans, worked with psychiatrists. in the city, in urban areas and in the suburbs in Illinois, Florida and California. My experience is so diversified.

I've written Science Curriculum, trained teachers in Math and worked with the White House under two administrations.

I also have the education and demeanor to be hired by school districts as a Home Bound Tutor. I started my Tutoring company long ago. I have taught in Illinois, Florida and California in public schools, private schools and hospitals. For over fifteen years while tutoring and consulting, I also served as a private liaison to advocate for students with an IEP's or 504 who I was privately tutoring.

I started teaching before I formally graduated as the Director of a Preschool. I began classroom teaching right after graduation, teaching all subjects in high school. I began tutoring when my first child was born and have continued over 40 years. While I was holding a teaching position or while a stay at home mom, I continued tutoring students in all grades, be it in high school, 4th grade or 8th grade, test prep for college students as well as 1st and 2nd graders who were having reading problems, for example.

Virtually any grade is a great fit for me as I have been adaptable to moving grades and subject areas upon request from my Principals. If there is a learning experience where a student needs to be more successful, I know the methods through behavioral and educational principles which are guaranteed to help your child reaches their potential. I also have a complete background in the writing and administrative of the Illinois State Standards for Education K-12 which is where the most important dictums for education are mandated.

What is unique about my service is built into the company name. Here's how much it means to me to watch a student excel. K-12 Quantum Quest Tutoring .. the mentoring learning style which carries over into each area of your life.

In physics, a quantum (plural quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction.

Quantum Tutoring starts with the minimum amount of energy in your learning, increasing your skills and abilities exponentially! Quest is a journey toward a specific mission or a goal.

Quantum Quest can be your journey toward a specific mission of excellence! With all the strategies you will learn, you will see how much you can maximize your mental energy! You will be making leaps in knowledge in your life with each success in your subject and content area carrying over into all areas of building success.

K-12 Quantum Quest Tutoring is the mentoring learning style which carries over into each area of your life. There are many things I enjoy about the work I do. Since my background is so diverse yet inclusive, I am able to understand where the gap developed and implement ways leading to student success. It's a wonderful experience to become an integral part of the success of each student I work with. The joy of taking a student through the process from where they're stuck to enlightenment is immeasurably rewarding. I love the diversity of helping a student learn to read, a high school student stuck in Algebra or a junior high school student struggling in organization.

It's nice to be able to make a difference for one child at a time. It's the best feeling to see each smile and how students begin to feel good about themselves which then carries over into the other areas of their life.


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Offers online services

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vanessa L.

Andrea truly sees what our son needs help with, even if he has not figured out or articulated where he is needing help. She takes the time and care to observe and is adept at determining where their energy and focus is best spent. Whether that is drilling into the details of budgeting in math class, practicing presentation skills for his next project, or structuring his writing, she is able to flex her approach to meet him where he is, and help him to grow. She is such a positive force in his student life! Andrea truly cares and that makes such a huge impact on our son and on our family.
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February 27, 2024


Agata P.

Andrea is a very experienced and effective tutor. It is a pleasure to be her student and feel the passion Andrea has for teaching. She is also a wonderful person.
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October 23, 2020

Frequently asked questions

The first meeting is no charge and is designed to get acquainted with my student and for them to get to know me. It's so important that we form an early rapport to form a trusting bond and see if we are a good fit. Then, we tackle the problem area from the point where there is not complete understanding. With outcomes in mind, I go back to where each student felt successful and where the weakness began. I utilize a variety of learning styles to isolate the best way to tackle the learning content objective. Once we have the bond and an established rapport then learning with success begins! Your student is on the way to success!
I attended Northern Illinois University and hold a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education K-12 and a Bachelor's of Science in Special Education Ages 3-21, with a focus on learning differences, behavior modifications, the whole child and Curriculum. As all teachers are required to update their state certifications with coursework and seminars, my on-going certification coursework focused on Special Trends in Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Styles, Behavioral Interventions, Individual Instruction, Motivational Strategies in Learning; Reading, Language Arts and Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. My Master's coursework was a combination from Roosevelt University, University of Phoenix and Northern Illinois University. I learned from the publishers when a new Reading, Math or Science program was adopted, trained teachers and facilitated workshops in Science and Technology. Of course, I understand there are many qualified Teachers. When I enrolled in the Type 75 Administration Master's, I was encouraged to become a Principal. While I took coursework in Administration, Special Education Law and more, I opted to stay close to students as their TEACHER. I believe my ultimate uniqueness is my understanding of child development, experience teaching all ages and learning the national state curriculum from Pre-K through High School. In addition, my expertise in diagnosis and remediation of learning problems is unique to the whole curriculum and whole child. I promise you won't be disappointed.All vitae available upon request.
My pricing standard is $50 per hour. It can vary on complexities, frequency and the amount of planning time which I need while NOT with your student. A one hour free consultation is always offered initially to see if we are a good fit. After that evaluation, I determine what your needs are and how I can implement successful techniques for learning. Pricing will be guaranteed for the student's needs individually for the duration of the assigned subject and objectives, If you are unable to pay the amount proposed, we will come up with options to fit your needs. Thanks for taking time to consider me for your student's success!

When I was seven my oldest sister married and by age eight I was an aunt. By age 12, I had 5 nieces and nephews within a mile, who I fell in love with immediately. Being so young, I played school with them to keep them engaged while babysitting and I was hooked. The time between ages 12-18 I spent summers and weekends with them babysitting as much as I could. I knew I was the lucky one who got to hang out with the fun kiddos! They kept me little and I still love to play at the age level of the kids. I wanted to make a difference and was fortunate to be accepted into the first Pilot Program for Dual Majors in Special and K-12 Education. My student teaching was Grades 1-2 and my first teaching position of four years was at Wells High School in Chicago. I wanted to move down grade levels so next I went to 5-8 Self Contained Special Education. Naturally my patient demeanor coupled with my ability to diagnosis and remediate learning difficulties which kept me intrigued with Teaching. I love seeing the success of each of my students. 

Throughout my career I have worked with almost every type of student. Successfully coaching students to speak and write in English when they came to me with English new to them and their family. I have tutored Algebra, Reading, Language Arts, Subject Content Skill Development, Study and Organizational Skills.  I have been a classroom teacher for Special Education and a Resource Teacher. Over all the years after Student Teaching Early Childhood and K-2, I have held Classroom Teacher positions in all Elementary Grades, Junior High and High School. My students have ranged from needing lots of support due to traumatic brain injuries to students who have learning disabilities or regular students who simply need help breaking down Algebra or Geometry. I have trained new and experienced teachers in The University of Chicago Math Program and provided strategies for challenging situations with modifications to implement with students. 

I recall with great fondness when I was surprised to be the Guest Speaker at the State of Illinois Superintendent's Symposium at Northen Illinois University. I was invited to drive with our Superintendent to the university I attended, instead of being in my 4th grade classroom for the following day. Supposedly an extra seat was open although it didn't make sense that out of 3 schools, I was asked but I agreed.  When we arrived and took our seats in the huge auditorium theater,  I was surprised by how many Principals and Superindents that I knew.  Moments later, my Superintendent asked if I would go back down and grab some pastries.

I naturally obliged and that's when I was introduced as the GUEST SPEAKER! Talk about shock! For a moment I paused and as the Coordinator introduced me it all made sense! " I am pleased to welcome Andrea as our GUEST SPEAKER today to our Superintendents Roundtable. It was then that I knew why. I have always gone above and beyond without being asked. This is one example. When I saw a need for a Mentoring Program for New Teachers, I created one. Bound by ethics a committee was formed to facilitate the decisions district wide. Very minor changes were made with the most important one that of compensation.  The rest is history and the initial program that I developed is still used in school districts across the State. 

When you are looking to hire a teacher make sure he/she is 

1. Qualified - in your subject and learning needs

2. Experienced - in your subject and learning needs

3. Demeanor - which is comfortable for you 

4. Individualized Instruction -  in your subject and learning needs

5. Goal Setting - for your successes

5. Availability - When and Where 

6. Fees- It might be tempting to choose a new lower priced teacher however the timeframe for you may be longer than with an experienced teacher. 

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