Engineer From Northwestern University With Native Fluency In 3 Languages

Engineer From Northwestern University With Native Fluency In 3 Languages

Offers online services
Offers online services



My name is Gio and I am an international student at Northwestern Univeristy. I graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences.

I love teaching and have a passion for learning. I am an autodidact with numerous interests that range from Philosophy and Psychology to Engineering and Literature.

I have native fluency and pronunciation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and have intermediary fluency in Italian given an intricate family background.

Given this background, my academic studies and personal readings, I have developed knowledge of culture and history in Europe, South America, and North America.

I have a passion for child development and value education as the way to freedom. I also have a robust volunteering background working with elementary kids and highschool kids in orphanages in my hometown of Bolivia. I am also offering to work with college students.

I am very easy going, dedicated, incredibly personal and have a lot of patience.

If your child has any physical or mental health related medical issues etc. I find myself able to relate and tutor them. I have had similar experiences growing up with delicate health and later on a club soccer spinal injury Freshman year of my college career. After intense rehab, I have learned many studying techniques for time management, pacing, and concentration. These skills, of course, are useful for any individual that is determined to improve their performance.

Below you can find links to my facebook profile, email and linkedin.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Getting to know them, having them vocalize their needs and learning styles (completely lost? specific? relational to teachers? etc.). Observing their needs and learning styles. 

    Never give out answer. Always point out where to find information or how to rationalize. For instance, what is the question that must be asked in order to understand this. What am I not understanding? 

    Some students need a little nudge, others some emotional regulation because they hit frustration, and others simply need to build confidence in their competency. 

    With me, it's all about learning how to learn. 

    B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University. Apart from volunteering, personal reading and personal hires: none. 


    Volunteering in highschool, Teacher Assistant on free blocks because I had already met all credits for 2 diplomas. Hired tutoring in Highschool. In college babysitting/teaching reading, and as HS alumni, offer college essay editing, AP, etc. 

    Elementary - college. 

    I went hiking for 4 days with friends near Aspen, CO. It was an 18hr car drive with 8 friends in 2 cars. There were car issues and all of the drama that follows it. But the most beautiful thing was to take time off of the noise of "civilization" and spend time in community and nature. We were blessed to have perfectly timed the short-lived blooming of yellow Aspen trees which spread all over the park that we were hiking in. 

    Find a good fit, and someone who is willing to wrestle with problems with you, but has the patience to observe and meet you in a way that they adjust to how YOU learn and not impose how they learn. 

    How does you teacher learn?

    Outline what you need. Really think about this, because your fit with the tutor will depend on this.

    What subjects do you need help with? --find someone that can help you with a variety of needs.

    Do you think that along with the subject, you just don't know 'how' to organize yourself for success? I believe that every subject requires adapting learning skills, etc.

    Do you have the discipline needed for this pandemic, homeschooling style? Are you someone who needs to voice questions and rationale outloud? Do you lack confidence? Are you struggling to retain info? How are you studying for the subject you are struggling with? 

    Just talk to the tutor --the more organic the conversation the better. Did you 'hit-it-off'? Did the person seem capable? Those are good indicators. 


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