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Offers online services
Offers online services


As someone who has loved the Spanish language for a long time, I look forward to helping you along your journey of being bilingual(or multilingual)! I began to learn Spanish formally in school at the age of 12, and continued all the way through my first semester of college. Prior to graduating high school, I received the state seal of Biliteracy in Spanish, and was blessed to score a 4 on the AP exam in Spanish language!

At C Se Puede, I am here to help you acheive your Spanish goals, and have some fun while doing it! Language learning doesn't have to be a bore, and it doesn't have to focus strictly on memorization of grammar rules and long vocab lists. I believe that everyone should learn at least one language in their life, as the benefits span across mental, cultural, and financial avenues of life. So why not start your journey with Spanish, a language you can utilize in many places in the world?

If you are ever interested, check out my instagram handle (https://www.instagram.com/csepuedeco/), where I also have an Etsy shop set up with C Se Puede merch! I look forward with the oppportunity of getting to work with you!

I love language learning, and I think that everyone should possess this skill! It is always a pleasure to have a student who enjoys being taught/learning, and who enjoys coming to the sessions. It makes the job all worth while. I can't imagine my life without the Spanish language, and I want to inspire others to have that same goal in mind as well!


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Offers online services

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    Jenny B.

    Chloe is an amazing tutor! She always went the extra mile to make sure my son understood and was making progress!
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    February 08, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    The following information includes the process before and during a client's time working with me:

    -All prospective clients are required to do a pre-interview via zoom before the start of their first session. This is for the purpose of the student/parent and tutor to have the opportunity to meet one another face to face, and for the tutor to get a feel of the student that will be in the class.

    -Parents are encouraged to set up a phone call with the tutor prior to any agreement being made on utilizing the services of C Se Puede. This allows for both the parent and tutor to meet/talk to one another, and opens the door for the parent to ask the prospective tutor any questions before moving forward

    -Students are taught via zoom, and should come to class prepared with a pencil/pen, paper, and a positive attitude!

    -A PDF copy of the "Course Overview" will be sent to the parent prior to the start of the sessions. This outlines key information that the parent will need to know, including--pricing, late/tardy policy, contact information etc.

    I have formally learned Spanish in the classroom starting from age 12, and going through my first semester in college. Outside of the classroom, I also have experience in keeping up my Spanish skills through reading, watching Spanish speaking youtubers etc. and have had experience with using the language in the workforce(amongst coworkers)

    -I have received the State Seal of Biliteracy, which recognizes that I have acheived proficiency in two languages

    -I have also had the opportunity to take the AP Spanish language exam, on which I received a score of a 4(graded on a scale of 0-5)

    The pricing policy for C Se Puede tutoring is as follows:

    -$15/hour-this is a basic flate rate that applies to students who simply need help on homework or projects. The student already has existing materials provided by teacher/school, and this does not require me to do much in depth work. Reminder: I cannot do the homework/project for the child, but I am able to aid and assist wherever they need help.

    -$30/hour-this rate applies to all students who require any in-depth sessions. If a student is struggling to grasp a concept, if their scores need to be raised to a higher level etc. this option is for you. This also may mean that I have to do more work on my part for planning out specific lessons(creating powerpoints, games, lesson planning etc).

    -$40/hour-this rate applies to those who are studying for a critical exam, specifically if the exam is the Advanced Placement test for Spanish Language and Culture

    As someone who has goals and dreams of being an entreprenuer, C Se Puede has helped to kickstart me on that path to doing just that. I love the Spanish language, and I hope that I can help others as they continue on their path to language learning success. 

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