Elementary Subjects And Teen Development Tutoring

Elementary Subjects And Teen Development Tutoring

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Offers online services


Camille is a Certified K-8 Educator who tutors in all subjects PreK-5th online. She is also a Youth Voice Advocate and High School Program Coordinator who tutors 6-12th graders to develop their identity, agency, leadership, and character. She believes in making learning personal, funny, and relatable to the real-world. She enjoys getting to know her students so their learning relates to their lives.

You should request her if you want engaging and dependable tutoring in PreK-5th or if you are interested in developing the identity, agency, leadership, and character of a young adult.

I will help the student achieve their goals by understanding the goals they have for themselves as well as the goals others have for them them so together, we can negotiate and begin our work.

Much of teaching in planting a seed, where learning may not come to fruition until after the student has left the teacher. Planting the seed is about the teacher never leaving the student. In addition to planting the seed, my style of tutoring focuses on creating an engaging, interactive, and validating learning experience that ensures the soil in which the seeds are planted, is healthy and ready to receive the seeds of learning. This is my art of teaching.

What I enjoy about tutoring is getting to know people as learners and incorporating real-world connections to the concepts. I am a lifelong learner who loves getting to know people, so I enjoy learning how other people learn so I can apply those strategies to myself and others. I love the work I do with high school youth because I get to create a nurturing community and work directly with young people who want to be the change they wish to see in the world.


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Kristina L.

Camille’s approach centers the child, not the work. Her teaching style prioritizes what’s needed while also challenging the child to think through problem solving. I think this empowers the child to rely on and trust themselves versus feeling overwhelmed.
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August 20, 2020

Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student, I get to know them, their availability, and their goals. I get an understanding of their abilitiies and barriers in regards to their goals. We begin Backwards Mapping together so we have steps on how to reach their end goal(s) and set up methods of accountability.

I am a Certified K-8 Teacher with a Youth and Adult Mental Health Fist Aid Certification.

My lessons are $25-40/hr

I got started teaching by learning math the way teachers are taught to teach it. It opened my eyes to the art of teaching, problem-solving, and how I can remedy the gaps in my own education. 

I have worked with 4th, 7th, and 8th graders as a classroom teacher, students in all grades as a substitute teacher, and I currently work with high school students outside the school building to develop their leadership and activism within their schools and the school district. 

A recent event I am fond of is when a student asked to make an announcement at the end of our weekly meeting. Because we have created such a nurting safe space during remote learning, they announced their new pronouns as she/they. This was a huge deal for all of us and reinforced our mission to develop identity, agency, and leadership, and character.

The advice I would give a student looking to hire a teacher is to know what you are looking for and why, shop around, interview them if possible, and use the first lesson to determine if you want to continue the relationship. Don't be afraid to advocate for your needs as a person and as a student.

What does the teacher need to know about me so they respect me at all times?

What do I want? What do I need?

How do I learn? How do I communicate?

What am I struggling with? How long have I been struggling?

When do I feel the most mentally alert?

What distracts me? What discourages me?

How can the teacher help me in a way that other teachers have not?

How have I tried helping myself?

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