Caleb's Physics Math And Programming

Caleb's Physics Math And Programming

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am unorthodox in that I am currently working as a software engineer with a history in the aerospace field. Further, I believe understanding how you think and what interests you is key to helping you learn a subject in your own way. I take my past experience of tutoring as well as my real world work in aerospace software engineering and simulation to teach math physics and programming in a way that gets you excited and helps you form your own understanding of the material. If you are looking for a tutor that practices what he teaches then I may be the perfect fit.

I enjoy the ability to take the projects and jobs I have worked on and reflect that experience into the lessons I create for my students. Often times, it is hard to explain why a student might need to learn one lesson but being able to show places it has been essential is a hidden joy.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

Whenever a student comes to a tutor, they expect personalized explanations and a customized experience to help them grow. So, starting off by getting to know about the student (hobbies, dream job, best subject) is always key. Then, because each ciriculum is different, I ask to view the work they are currently on or have done and customize lessons to best match those needs. With those two pre-tutoring work bits done, I can begin a conversation in the students own interests and understanding on the subject in a way that will help them learn the material with their own intuitive understanding.

I am a practicing software engineer with a degree in physics from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, which ranks in the top 3 universities for its program at the time of my graduation. I have applied the math and physics skills into both practical real work experience via avionics, simulation, and modeling work as well as tutored to supplement my income since I was 18. In terms of technologies, at the age of 25 i was leading a team of 10-15 people at Northrop Grumman in programs that ranged from low level C code to high level IoT systems that used python, java, c++, c#, and javascript as their main languages. Despite not having formally taught I believe a mixture of real world practice and passion for helping others learn is all that is needed.

I do not.

I will look at any request but based on the amount of pre-work for each session, and your situation the price may change. 

The goal is to offer effective tutoring where it is most needed

I have always had a passion for explaining the subjects I was learning in university to friends and family. This led me to tutoring to supplement my income in university via tutoring peers that were failing. Later, as friends' children were falling behind I would be able to moonlight and help them pass.

Any student I work with has to be driven to find their own understanding of the subject, if the student does not want to learn the material but just wants to pass a test and forget everything I can't help much. Other than that the academic standing has never been an issue 

Find a teacher who is concerned about giving you your own intuitive understanding of the subject. Often schooling will teach you an understanding that works for the majority, but if you are able to make your own interpretation of the subject you will never forget what you learn!

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