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I bring a unique blend of goal-orientation and holistic thinking to my pedagogy. I always try to balance the task at hand with the person at hand. Each student is different as an individual learner, and each student also has differnt ambitions. In my teaching, I take both of these factors into deep consideration. I aim to find a balance between what it is that you can learn, or at what pace, and what it is that you desire to learn, and how to relate this to your own speed.

I find enjoyment in the mutual growth of my students and myself. Seeing my students iteratively perform better and progress is highly motivating for me, and inspires me to perform better in the act of their faciliation,


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Imran A.

Really great tutor, he helped me get an A on my AP class for computer science class by helping me learn Java. He really did go in depth for me and was overall an excellent choice if youre looking for a tutor!
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January 05, 2022

Frequently asked questions

For me the most important aspect of taking on a new student is coming to understand their goals.  I am goal-oriented and once I have established a metric for advancement then I will typically attempt to establish a student's baseline knowledge.  From there, the process can really differ based on each student.  I believe that in one-on-one tutoring the individual goals of the student can be predominant, and due to this, each student requires a unique, and specific process.  

I am a senior-year double computer science  and philosophy major at Kennesaw State University.  I have three years experience programming, and a similar amount working as an in-class tutor.   I have extensive experience with object-oriented programming and am familiar with a vast array of languages.  I am strong in data structures, algorithms, and theoretical computer science.  As a philosophy major, I also have a wide range of experience with analysizing texts and as such am a skilled writer.  I have a great deal of experiencing working as an editor for other people's writing.  Likewise, as a philosophy major, I have adapted a specific openmindness and critical lens to bring towards other people's work.  Let me know what it is that you wish to learn, and we can begin to learn together!

I charge a flat hourly rate agreed upon before we begin our relationships.  If scheduled meetings exceed the agreed upon time slot, then I do not charge additional.  

I have always has a passion for learning, and growing up I always enjoyed working inside the classroom to assist fellow students.  In high school, I acted as a volunteer mathematics tutor, and since then, I have found myself acting as an ad hoc tutor in my college course studies.  

I have predominantly worked with other students studying Computer Science, but I have also worked with a handful of students in the 12-16 year old range. 

I think that students should be generally open with their inquisition, however; once we have established baseline goals, I would always remind a student to mindful of these goals.  My job as a tutor is to help you succeed, and as such, it is the student's job to understand the criteria for success.  If the student's inquisition is not inline with their goals, then they must understand they will only hinder themselves.  Likewise, it is my job to reinforce this understanding and to encourage a student to success.

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