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My name is Dr. Cristina Gherasim and I'm a certified chemistry teacher with 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I help high school students and homeschooled learn chemistry fast, boost their grades, and pass exams with confidence. I love chemistry and I've gathered a strong expertise in chemistry and extensive teaching experience. These make me able to teach chemistry across multiple levels and curriculums, spot learning gaps, and develop personalized plans so helping students achieve their learning goals on time.

I love teaching and tutoring students and see them happy when they understand and master difficult chemistry topics. They have told me that I make chemistry easy and they get to love it and be confident. That's so rewarding for me when they get better grades and enter the med school or engineering college of their dreams.


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Sulma A.

Dr. Gherasim, is a very responsible, highly professional and organized with her course of Chemistry. Her one to one contact with my daughter weekly is always up to date, her assignments with my daughter is always relating to the weekly assignments. She will focus on the her problems she is struggling with weekly. For example, my daughters grade in chemistry was 68 and in 6-8 weeks the grade jumped into a 88. Her exams now in the class are 85 and above. You can see the progress she has made in 6-8 weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Gherasim with no reservation that if you need a chemistry teacher that is dedicated, professional and has goals of success, she is the one. Do not wait for your child to fail, her help is here and I highly recommend her for Chemistry Classes. Thank you Sulma Alvarado, New York City
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January 08, 2021

Esmy L.

I highly recommend Dr. Cristina. Cristina is currently tutoring my 16 year old son twice a week. We live in the United States, and she tutors him over Zoom.
My son is homeschooled and Cristina develops all the weekly lessons for his Chemistry lesson. She not only develops the lessons, but also grades and sends weekly emails detailing how my son is performing in the Zoom class and in his homework. Cristina grades all his homework and annotates on his homework too. As a parent, I feel informed and appreciative because Cristina holds my son accountable for completing his assignments correctly.
Online chemistry with Cristina is synchronous learning at its finest. Online chemistry tutoring has been even better than in-person tutoring for my son because Cristina uses many online resources to engage my son in the class discussion. Even more, she inspires my son to consider careers that will utilize the skills he is learning in chemistry. Because Cristina connects chemistry to every day life, this makes the learning of chemistry less intimidating.
Cristina is approachable, passionate and professional. In my sons words, she is cool, smart and loves what she does. If you are looking for a chemistry tutor to provide a full chemistry program for you, Cristina is well-equipped to do just that. Similarly, if you are seeking support for your child as he or she takes a high school chemistry course or an Introductory College Chemistry course, Cristina has the necessary credentials and experience to help your child feel confident and achieve some success in chemistry.
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September 03, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I'm firstly discussing his struggle with chemistry, goals, time to achieve them, and his learning style. I assess his level and learning gaps and I make a personalized study plan. I discuss it with the student and parents and we agree on the way we will work together rules and expectations. We work as planned and I assess the student periodically and discuss with the parents the progress. I keep the parents up to date with how the tutoring works and if there are any problems. 

I'm a certified chemistry teacher holding a MSc and a PhD in chemistry. I have 20 years of classroom chemistry teaching and tutoring experience. 


1-on-1 ongoing tutoring for 67 $/h, the tutoring sessions paid in advance for the month. I don't offer emergency sessions. 

I tutor: High School Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Gen Chem 1 & 2

I've started tutoring chemistry since being a chemistry student and then I've started teaching chemistry immediately after graduation. 

I've been working mostly with high school students. I've been working for a few years with middle school students and I've been also teaching colege and university students during my PhD and post doctoral research. 

The school year recently finished and more than half of the last year students will join the Science & Technology and the Science & Health programs for their next years at high school. They were thanking me for the great lessons as they started to like chemistry and feel well prepared for their dream high school study. I was happy I've made this topic exciting for them and give them a strong start for their future. 

Don't choose graduate students or cheap tutors with medical or engineering backgrounds who have never taught chemistry in the classroom. They miss the teaching expertise required for getting fast and solid results and, in the end, you'll need more hours to get to your goal or never reach your goal while losing precious time.

Only choose a certified chemistry teacher with teaching experience. The years of working with lots of students have shaped their methods so the learning will be way faster and more efficient and effective. 

Ask about their teaching qualifications and teaching experience

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