Chemistry High School Through College

Chemistry High School Through College

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Offers online services


Growing up I was diagnosed with dyslexia making my early years of schooling very difficult and forcing me to work very hard to find ways that worked for me to learn. With years of practice and the help of amazing teachers and tutors I was able to excel in school in my later years. I did my undergraduate degree at Ohio Northern University receiving a bachelor’s in chemistry and American Chemical Society certification. I then went on to receive my master’s in chemistry focusing on material and analytical chemistry from Florida State University. I am a tutor who has easily over 1000 hours of tutoring Experience and through the years I have made sure never to forget what it was like to struggle in school. I think that some of the best tutors are people who understand what it's like to be frustrated with schoolwork and feel like you don't have enough time or the appropriate resources because those are the tutors that make sure that the students they help get everything that they need.

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I have always really loved math and science, especially chemistry. On top of that I have always enjoyed being able to help other people have a better understanding of the science and specially to help them to succeed in these classes. It can be especially difficult for some students when they have a dream or a goal that there working towards like becoming a nurse, engineer, or they want to have that first semester where they get really high marks in all of their classes and they come to a class that is often Chemistry and struggle because it is so different than anything that they have done in the past. Even though this class has very high learning curve if you have someone who really wants to see you succeed, you will be able to make it through that class no problem. It's getting to see someone really start succeeding in chemistry and acing all their tests that make being a tutor worth it.


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When I start working with a new student I first like to get to know a little bit more about them like what they feel that they do well in the class and what they feel like they're struggling with the most. I think it's also important to know about the class they are in and not just the subject, because depending on what stipulations their teacher or professor may have given and the book that they're using the way to go about solving problems and answering them can be very different.

I have been taking chemistry courses as well as tutoring students and chemistry courses since I was a sophomore in high school. After taking three years of chemistry classes in high school I went to Ohio Northern University and studied chemistry taking a variety of chemistry courses over those four years. I then went to school at Florida State University working as a teaching assistant and a research assistant while getting my master’s in chemistry. I am currently a student at the University of South Florida getting my master’s in business. Almost all my years of schooling have been focused on working on chemistry and mathematics, so I have a deep understanding of both the field and how it works in the classroom.

I got started tutoring about halfway through the first semester of my first high school chemistry course when my teacher asked if I would be willing to meet with students after school to help them catch up on their chemistry homework and help them review for tests . After that I never really stopped tutoring and with every new chemistry class, I took that was another class I was willing to tutor students in.

The advice I would give anyone looking for a tutor in any field really is finding somebody who has the time for you and that you feel comfortable with. When most people come to tutoring, they're not just looking for another teacher to lecture them or looking for someone just to help them answer questions on their homework. You want to find someone who can really help you understand the subject matter and someone that you are not afraid to tell to slow down or that you are still struggling with something. A good tutor in my opinion should be smart but never intimidating.

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