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Offers online services


I have been a private tutor locally for 12 years. ALL of my students have earned stellar grades, passed all state tests, passed all AP tests and passed all entrance exams. I work hard so that each student understands the material in a way that they can relate to it. I am a very interactive tutor, wanting to connect with my students so that they feel comfortable enough to ask me ANY question. I just finished my third year teaching and am currently focusing on just tutoring students. I was also an athletic tutor in college (which is where I got my start). I genuinely care about my students and work hard to ensure their success.


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Always there when you need her even on short notice :) without her, I probably wouldn’t have graduated
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January 10, 2018


Bud Z.

As a parent, you couldn’t expect more effort, attention and care for your child. Joni is simply the best.
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January 09, 2018


Taylor Z.

Joni was very patient with me, found alternative ways to teach me when I struggled with one way of learning, and was always available outside of tutoring to help me with whatever I needed.
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January 09, 2018


Zena D.

I was recommended to start sessions with Joni from a friend and am forever grateful! Joni is personable and most of all effective. She broke down all of the material I was struggling with and continued to follow up with me in order to make sure I was retaining all that we had gone over. I saw her on a weekly basis throughout my sophomore to senior year of high school covering Algebra, AP Calc and Physics. Most of all, she is incredibly inspiring, encouraging, and makes the long nights of studying more bearable. I wish I could have brought her with me to Clemson.
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January 09, 2018


Mia F.

Joni is an amazing tutor and has helped me get so far over the past few years! She can quickly learn her students’ learning style and teach in the most effective way for every individual.
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January 09, 2018


Rebekah M.

I had the hardest time understand math concepts from my pre-algebra and algebra tutor. I knew I would be taking calculus and wanted to be sure I understood everything in those courses before I took calculus.
Joni was my math tutor, on and off, for probably 3 years. She is extremely organized, is very flexible in scheduling, and enjoys bonding with students beyond just being a tutor. What set her apart from the few other tutors I tried before her was the relationship I built with Joni. I felt like I could talk to her about anything before or after my tutoring sessions, and I knew that I could always count on her to fit me into the schedule, no matter how packed she was. I couldn’t ask for a better high school math tutor than Joni!
Definitely try it out, you won’t regret it at all!
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January 09, 2018

Frequently asked questions

When starting with a new student I take the first session to learn what works best for the student. I observe their manerisms and I work to get them to open up a bit about their personal life. I try and find out their hobbies so that I can relate what they are learning to something they truly enjoy.

My bachelor's degree is in Journalism with a minor in Mathematics. I have been a tutor for 15 years now, starting as an athletic tutor for an NCAA college. I just finished my third year teaching math and currently just working on tutoring this year.

Standard for me is 40.00 per hour

I started in college to have a job that was not crazy demanding with hours, and it became super rewarding. I came home and was diagnosed with a relapse of cancer and needed to stop working full time and slow down, so tutoring took thw forefront. Now I don't know what i would do in my evenings if I wasn't tutoring.

I have worked with students as young as 5th grade and as old as juniors in college. I know how to work with students with learning and processing problems as well as different anxieties when it comes to school.

I love the "ah-ha" moment. When working really hard with a student, learning it a ton of different ways, and then the moment we find one that finally clicks for the student and they reapond with "I got it!!" and can show me. There is no better feeling.

The most important aspect of hiring someone to tutor you is the level of comfort. Your brain won't be receptive if you are uncomfortable or forced to be there. Being content and being able to ask questions is imperative to a student's success.

Be able to pinpoint where you lost your thought in translation. Sometimes, yes it can be confusing but you need to be able to narrow it down. If you say you know absolutely nothing it doesn't help us to fix the small errors. Even if the error is knowing where to look to start, say that rather than I know nothing.

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