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Offers online services
Offers online services


We are exceptional Math tutors with a proven process of identifying the holes in a student's math knowledge and filling them in with personalized 1-on-1 lessons. We have a track record of raising grades, increasing understanding, and improving confidence. Our founder Adam Shlomi scored in the top 1% on the SAT, went to Georgetown University, and has been tutoring math for seven years. We also offer free tutoring to those in need — money shouldn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams.

Tutoring is incredibly rewarding. All our lessons are one-on-one which allows us to make real bonds with our students. The chemistry between student and tutor helps us motivate, inspire, and teach students with a new level of effectiveness. We are also able to help students in need through our SoFlo SAT Scholarship.


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Offers online services

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    Karen L.

    My daughter had to write a pre-algebra test in a few days and I was concerned she was struggling. I contacted SoFlo online, expressed my concern and in spite of the tight schedule they moved things around to accommodate my daughter. I witnessed the session and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love the teaching method, and that my daughter was offered multiple methods to solve the same problem. I recommend SoFlo highly!
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    February 24, 2022


    Jessica Z.

    My son’s sessions with SoFlo are excellent and efficient. The tutor quickly developed a good rapport with my son and got a lot of work done in one hour. I have been using them for 3 months and plan to use SoFlo for the whole school year
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    February 24, 2022


    Sandy D.

    SoFlo is a breath of fresh air. They are excellent tutors with a knack for reading personalities and learning styles. The company has a desire is to decrease the stress level and make learning fun. I have been out of school for 30 years but had to go back for my job. I forgot all about Math and was very worried. SoFlo promised to make my lessons pain-free, and they did! When you have a secret weapon like SoFlo in your corner, you must do well in your classes! Thank you SoFlo.
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    February 24, 2022


    Nathaniel S.

    I had never heard of soflo before, but gave it a shot because they were friendly with good reviews. I have been blown away so far. My daughters tutor Katrina is brilliant, sweet, and friendly. The support staff is excellent and I am lucky to have found such a great company. My daughter raised her grade algebra two from a D to an A.
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    February 24, 2022


    Daniel A.

    I knew I had struck gold within 5 minutes of meeting Emma from SoFlo, who didn’t passively ask me what I wanted to cover that day as other calculus tutors had, but asked to see my class syllabus so that she could understand what kind of support I needed. Throughout the semester, Emma supplied me with additional materials and strategies for working through problems, and was exceptionally generous with her time. I received an A in the class and am absolutely convinced that no amount of studying on my own could have replaced Emmas instruction. I highly recommend this gifted teacher to any student who is looking for comprehensive support in calculus.
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    February 24, 2022


    Gideon L.

    Thank you SoFlo for your math help with my son! He loves your teaching style and got an A on his last exam. His teacher is taking notice and sent me an email because my son is finally coming to class with his homework neatly completed. Amazing work!
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    February 24, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    The incoming student will complete a diagnostic assessment so we can assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to make a personalized growth strategy. 

    But the diagnostic test is optional. Students looking to start ASAP will often skip the diagnostic so they jump right into lessons. 

    I scored in the top 1% on the SAT, have been tutoring for 7 years, and went to an elite university. All of our tutors majored in math or education at top schools and our most recent hire graduated Cum Laude from Princeton.

    We mostly hire education or math majors because they know the core concepts well, are passionate about educating, and can break down challenging concepts into easy-to-understand steps. 

    In-person tutoring is $120/hour. We also offer Zoom tutoring at the more affordable rate of $90/hour. There are no contracts or long-term obligations so you will only pay us if you like us.

    Adam Shlomi founded SoFlo Tutors with 5 years of tutoring experience, a Georgetown education, and a shattered ankle.

    Adam had been living in Washington D.C., but after breaking his ankle while camping with friends in West Virgnia he was forced to return to South Florida for surgery and recovery because of his health care policy. Adam was unable to put any pressure through his leg and his future was in doubt as doctors suggested he might never walk again. Despite the adversity, Adam committed to positive thinking and worked everyday to improve his physical health. At the same time, he began to take tutoring seriously, by building a website, establishing a legal company, and marketing to friends & family. Adam previously worked at College Experts and then later for College Vine, and felt confident in his ability to improve grades and connect with students. Thus SoFlo Tutors was born. But SoFlo was a part time operation. During the day, Adam worked as a data analyst for a local bank, helping them automate credit models.

    Eventually, Adam’s ankle began to heal and daily physical therapy became a necessity. The comfortable bank job wasn’t able to fit into Adam’s recovery schedule and he was forced to quit his job and focus his attention on strengthening his leg so that he would be able to walk again. However, things happen for a reason and shortly after leaving the bank, word of Adam’s exceptional tutoring began to spread. Students raved to their friends and parents wrote shining reviews. Adam soon had to hire and train tutors to handle the number of students seeking him out for tutoring.

    Adam worked hard to search for incredibly talented tutors who were fun to work with and knew math exceptionally well. From there he began to train them, imparting all the tricks he has learned over the years. In order to better train students, he also started the SoFlo Scholarship fund so that recent hires would be able to get experience working with real students. This program solved two problems as low income students were able to access tutoring and tutors were able to hone their skills.

    Now SoFlo Tutors works with students across the world and Adam works hard daily to ensure students improve and tutors are receiving exceptional training.

    We have worked with students from all over the country for both excellence and remediation. We put a lot of thought into the pairings between student and tutor to ensure there is chemistry and connection between the two. 

    A mother came to us in tears because her daughter scored an 11 on the ACT. She was embarrassed and ashamed, but we told her that everyone starts somewhere and we’d like to sit down with her daughter to see if we can help. After months of hard work and studying the daughter brought her ACT score up 11 points to a 22. Now she can qualify for an athletic scholarship at West Point. Life changing score increase.

    Choose a tutor that you feel comfortable with. Student tutor chemistry is key to success. If the student likes their tutor, they are more likely to pay attention, more likely to do their homework, and more likely to improve their score. 

    How have I been studying for the class so far? What has worked and what has not? We do not want to repeat the same mistakes as a past tutor.  

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