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Ms. Parrott - Your Science Tutor

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Offers online services
Offers online services


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I have been teaching middle, high school and college students for nearly 17 years in top public and private schools in Florida, California and Alabama. I have a Master's degree in Life Sciences from Auburn University. I was a Teaching Assistant throughout graduate school as well.

My secret recipe is: I freaking love science and I love sharing this excitement for the natural world with others! My students describe my teaching style as enthusiastic, fun, and it gets them excited to learn more than they ever thought they wanted to know. I have a YouTube channel with instructional videos for students from middle school through AP Biology and college level, for teachers, and fun nature videos from my travels around the continent.

Whether you are looking for long-term one-on-one help or need to just need to cram for a test, I am here to help. I can break information down simple enough for a middle schooler and address topics covered in graduate school life science courses as well.

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Offers online services

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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner


Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy

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  • Farm Life
  • Photosynthesis
  • How to Make Dichotomous Keys
  • Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab Explanation

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    Michelle S.

    As a fellow teacher and friend, I can say that Danielle is a stellar teacher. The way she demystifies complex issues is inspiring, not to mention her absolute love for everything science. I have never met another teacher who loved helping students explore the cool world of science like she does. If my kid needed a science tutor, Danielle would be my first call. No doubt!
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    September 19, 2022


    Rachael T.

    Danielle is a passionate teacher whose personal love of learning leads to many different exciting opportunities for students. She is creative and willing to come up with new approaches so her students are engaged in many new ways.
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    September 19, 2022


    Nick S.

    Ms. Parrot was my high school biology teacher. She is one of the reasons I pursued biology in college and remain in the field today. Her lectures were always engaging and it was evident that she was passionate about both the material and finding ways to make it resonate with her students. And she’s funny, ya’ll.
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    September 18, 2022



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    September 17, 2022


    Sandy P.

    She is incredibly smart, passionate about teaching, and beyond creative. She is super fun but also a science super hero. She can help any kid learn to love science and overcome anything that stands in their way from being a science success. Absolutely THE BEST!
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    September 16, 2022


    Debra B.

    Plain & Simple…Danielle knows how to to make difficult concepts easy to understand!
    With no reservations, I would recommend Danielle for tutoring. She’s amazing!
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    September 16, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    After getting to know each other and determining your strengths and areas of growth, I will work with you by meeting you where you are. I won't talk over your head. While I won't do your work for you, we will set goals, break them down into doable pieces, and take steps together to achieve those goals at your pace until you achieve success! 

    Masters in Education - Secondary Science Education: Life Science from Auburn University.

    Bachelors of Science - Horticulture from Auburn University

    Earned my certification to teach grades 6-12 in Alabama

    Taught myself using the McCammon Method how to make flipped classroom videos and use them for effective teaching and learning via YouTube.


    Becoming a teacher was a winding road for me. I started my college career as a theater major, then transferred schools and majors to study organic farming at Auburn. Teaching was supposed to just be a trade that filled in the year while I spent the summers gaining experience on real farms before starting my own. I chose teaching because it is in my nature to share the things I am excited about with with everyone around me. Teaching called to me and was automatically built in. So I finished my Horticulture degree and started a masters in Secondary Science Education. What I thought would be a few years of a filler job has now become my passion, my calling, and my career. 

    I've worked diverse groups of middle and high school students in public and private schools for nearly 17 years. I've worked with students with a variety of learning differencess and styles and know how to meet them where they are to ensure they reach their academic goals. 

    As an avid birder, I was thrilled to take my toddler to the beach this weekend. It's the end of nesting season for some shore birds and the beginning of fall migration for others. We had so much fun looking at the fluffy baby birds, and I was stoked to get a photo of a black-bellied plover that had migrated all the way from the artic to Florida for my iNaturalist.

    Consider the following:

    Be sure that you can articulate what you need to know or be able to do. Science topics can interconnect and overlap. If you want to make the most of your hour, be sure you can communicate that with your tutor.

    Also, know what you need from your tutor. Do you need help understanding the topic, or do you get it but need help applying that knowledge to answer questions? 

    In my personal experience as a student, whether I did well in a science class completely depended on the teacher. Are you seeking tutoring because you just need a different teacher to communicate with you or is it the content that has you stumped?

    Are you comfortable sharing any learning differences you may have with your tutor? Some, like me, are certified teachers and have training in how to facilitate the learning of students with particular needs. 

    Again, reflect beforehand and know what you actually need from your tutor. Do you need help understanding the content, or do you get it but need help applying that knowledge to answer questions? 

    Consider what learning style fits you best. Are you more visual or auditory? Do you need to move around or make something to better understand a concept. Knowing this will help your tutor help you.

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