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Offers online services
Offers online services


I offer lessons tailored to individual needs. Learn more than basic English. Learn English designed to help you navigate everyday life situations. I began teaching children in 2017 with Baltimore County Public Schools and in 2018, I started teaching adults at Howard Community College. While teaching in Baltimore County, I grew relationships with the children's parents. I quickly learned they needed more than basic English. They needed survival English, English for Life. Everyone knows the importance of learning English but the way it is taught in the colleges, isn't exactly what all students need and want. Each age group needs different skills. My college student's needs range from college readiness, to career readiness, and many want to be able to handle everyday life situations. One day I went to visit a student's home and the mom with very limited English, answered the door. She handed me the phone. On the other end of the line was a car insuance agent. She had been in an accident, but wasn't able to speak with the agent due to limited English. I stepped in to assist many of the my students and their families with similar situations- car accidents, changing car insurance, applying for health insurance, starting a business.

I decided to offer my services for all ranges of needs. If you want conventional learning, I can do that. But if you need unconventional learning, I can do that too. Want to focus only on speaking, I can do that. Whatever your needs, I am here to help you learn English.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Pscychology from the University of Maryland. I obtained a Masters in TESOL from Notre Dame of Maryland University in 2018. Since working at Howard Community College, I have taught a diverse group of students and have helped write curriculum for new classes at the college.

My students are more than just students, they are like family to me, so I am more vested in their learning than most other teachers. I still keep in touch with many of my students and their families since starting teaching in 2017.


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Offers online services

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Rene S.

Ms. April is a great great ESOL teacher, she help the student to improve English, She is kind and she explains everything in the best way.
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May 19, 2020

Frequently asked questions

First I meet with a student to learn what their needs are. This is allows me to tailor the course to their specific needs.

Second we decide on the amount of hours and days they want to learn.

Third we set up sessions through Zoom meetings (online) or we decide on a location to meet in person.

I have multiple programs I can use to teach the student or I design my own lessons based on their needs.

If a student has material they are using and need more practice with this material, I'm happy to use it during lessons.

MATESOL 2018 Notre Dame of Maryland University

I taught 3-4 year olds for Celebree Learning Center.

Teaching at both the elementary level (Baltimore County Public Schools) and college level (Howard Community College and Notre Dame of MD University).

At Howard Community College I write curriculum for new classes. I teach many types of English- conversation, computers, GED Math.

I served on the MD TESOL board for one year and am still an active member.

I have presented at 2 conferences (MD TESOL and NCTE) on refugee needs. 

$30 per hour

$75 for 3 hours per week

$250 for 16 hours per month

We can negotiate prices as needed and within reason.

While working on my Masters, I was hired conditionally to teach at Baltimore County Public Schools. I began working part time at Howard Community College shortly after.

All age ranges from age 3 to 70 years old, from all around the world, speaking various languages (Mandarin, Spanish, Ahmaric, Arabic, Japanese, Tagolog, and many more).

Due to the coronavirus, the semester moved to remote (online) learning. Many of the students continued to learn even with this difficult adjustment. I was extremely proud of my computer and writing classes because they stayed dedicated and studious. They attended class and completed their work while earning passing grades! Some were even sick,but still continued the class. I was very impressed and proud of their hard work and dedication.

Always "meet" with more than one option. Choose a teacher that listens to your needs and that you feel comfortable with. You can not learn if you are not comfortable with the teacher. A teacher should be wiling to adjust their teaching style in order to suit your learning style. It should never be the other way around.

Ask yourself:
1.What do you want to learn?

2. How do you learn? Are you more of a visual, auditory, kinesthetic learner or a combination of these styles?

3.Be realistic about the amount of time, effort and money you want to invest in the lessons.

4.Ask the teacher what their teaching philosophy is?

5.Ask the teacher what their teaching style is?

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