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Offers online services


Hello. My name is Barbara and I have 15 years of experience as a teacher and tutor. I teach math, science, Spanish, English, and social studies (high school, middle school, elementary school, college students, and adults). I have 12 years of experience as a homeschool instructor and test prep instructor (Academic, SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, NYS Regents exams, etc.). I am passionate about developing the skills and self-confidence of my students. Their increased test results, reduced anxiety, and their new-found appreciation for the subject in question reflect this. I am results-oriented and very effective. Over the years I have helped countless students. It would be my pleasure to help you with your tutoring needs.


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Offers online services

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Pre-kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle school, High school, College / graduate school, Adult learner


Reading, Essay writing, Creative writing, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar


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Karen P.

Having Barbara as a tutor for our daughter was one of the best decisions we have made. The summer before her freshman year, Barbara worked with her to help strengthen her knowledge in Algebra while also introducing new concepts that would be taught during her Honors Algebra 2 class. She entered her freshman year feeling confident as she excelled in this class throughout the school year. She also continued to work with Barbara weekly for extra support in this area. It was immensely helpful to have such a knowledgeable mathematician provide support, answer questions or help clarify challenging concepts taught throughout the school weeks. Our daughter finished her freshman year with an A in Honors Algebra 2 thanks to the amazing support from Barbara.
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August 27, 2023

kerri S.

We are so happy that we found Barbara to tutor my daughter who is currently entering her Sophmore year of High School. We started with Barbara in 8th grade. My daughter was always a B student, but also had trouble grasping all the lessons in a 45 minute class time. She just needed that extra practice, which in turn gave her the confidence to learn. With Barbaras help, she entered 9th grade with much more confidence. This led to her earning 4.0 each quarter and ending the years with a 4.0 and being asked to move up to Honors math. She recently said, I think I am actually good in Math, I just always need more practice and once I grasp it, it clicks. Barbara has given her such confidence in those skills. Barbara has also been great to give guidance for which class to go in and the path for the rest of High School while thinking about college. Barbara is always quick to help us change a time if something comes up and always willing to help us adjust with our busy schedules. Finding a good tutor was so hard and we didnt want to just keep trying new people. I was so happy once I found Barbara as a tutor and have recommended her to others!
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August 13, 2023

Cheryl C.

I think that Barbara was patient with
Jon. She really tried hard with him . Jon seems like her alot.
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August 06, 2023

julia S.

Barbara Thomas is a wonderful Spanish tutor. My daughter has been learning Spanish from her for 2 years and when she was at Grade 7, she successfully completed high school Spanish advance level and started AP Spanish course. Barbara always challenged her to speak and write. Her lessons were very fun. My daughter really enjoyed learning from Barbara. She is super patient and experienced. I highly recommend Barbara as a Spanish tutor. Thank you!
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July 30, 2023

gina R.

Barbara is a very comprehensive and patient teacher. She works weekly with me to make sure that I have a well rounded and modern understanding of Spanish as it is spoken in different countries. She assigns me helpful weekly homework and works one on one with me during our sessions to boost my understanding of academic and conversational Spanish, tailoring her lessons to my level. Im so glad that I found Barbara as my Spanish tutor! We will definitely continue to work together over the next few years.
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July 03, 2023

Janice M.

My daughter, 7th grade, is homeschooled, and I hired Barbara to instruct her in Algebra I. Previously, Linda had a lot of trouble in math. She has just finished a year-long algebra course (9th grade level) in 5 months and ended up with a 98% average and a 93 on the final exam. My daughter loves math now. It is her favorite subject. Her anxiety is gone, and she is now very motivated. Barbara did a wonderful job. I am so pleased.
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December 20, 2022

Frequently asked questions

I give the student a problem or question on a challenging topic and ask that he or she solve the problem or answer it. I praise each step done right and I show a student how to efficiently do a problem, step by step. I then give the student another problem. I praise each step done right to lessen the anxiety.

Bachelor's and Master's degrees and 15 years of proven, effective experience with excellent references. I have developed my own methods to effectively teach my students in all areas./p>

I have worked with students for grade level enrichment, remedial and gifted work. I have worked with children, high school and college students, and adults. I have worked with Aspie's and Special Education.
I had a student who initially scored 385 and 420 on a practice SAT test. After working with him for a few months, he scored 730 and 740 (out of 800). Besides the scoring achievement, I took immense satisfaction in the pride and self-confidence that my student exhibited as he moved from remedial ability in math and English to scholarly aptitude. I have many such events like that in all of the subject areas I teach. That is why I teach and tutor!!!
I would advise the student to read all of the reviews. If what is stated in the reviews accords with the student's objectives, then hire the tutor.
What are the students goals regarding the end result of the tutoring and how much effort is the student willing to put in to achieve those goals.

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