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Acme Science And Econ Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a current full-time Master of science student so this material is fresh in my head and I have full access to all my past materials. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology and chemistry minor. I have consistently earned the top scores in these notoriously difficult classes and I will help you achieve this as well! I was recruited by my university to become a tutor however I couldn't pursuit it due to my schedule, so that's why I am using this online service! I look forward to working with you!!

-Current grad school gpa: 4.0

-I graduated with honors


Have you ever felt like no matter how much studying you do, you just can't earn the grades that you want?? Since I am a college student I will teach you study skills that are applicable to any course, and how to work smarter so you don't have to work as hard (saving you mental strain, in order to live a healthy, functional life yet able to get the grades you want)


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Offers online services

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    Megan M.

    I liked how she was a student as well making her a relatable tutor. Very kind, patient, and was able to explain the material in numerous ways, and provided examples and analogies to help think and learn about the material!
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    May 05, 2019

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    I want to know their study process, to get familiar with their INDIVIDUAL, unique learning style. I want to know where they are struggling and to introduce new ways of thinking of the material. 

    -I am a current Master of Science graduate student

    -I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and minor in chemistry

    -I'm a volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, I work in a private lab 

    -I am also a mentor at my University helping students achieve success

    Let's get in contact and we can negotiate a price! (Max is $20)

    I was recruited numerous times by my University to become a tutor however it did not work with my schedule. I wanted to become a tutor because I felt confident in my abilities and I know what it takes to suceed. I also believe I posses qualities that would make me an excellent tutor. I researched and found online about these other tutoring services so that's how I got here!

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