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Witty Science Tutoring

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am well versed in everything from chemistry, biology and ecology to earth science and astronomy. Science is a passion for me, I love understanding how all of science paints a beautiful tapestry of interconnected concepts and I am happy to help you experience and explore what the universe has to offer.

I am in awe of the beautiful interdependent nature of our universe and how we're able to affect and manipulate nature in small ways with the limited understanding we're have. I am so excited to see what new technologies and frontiers will be revealed in the future.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

First we establish what subjects they are working on. Then we go through some general concepts in a conversational way so I can gauge their existing knowledge. Afterwards, we discuss their interests outside of education, I use this information to better describe difficult concepts in terms that have personal meaning to the student. We then work together to build trust and practice self guided learning methods as we foster a growing understanding of various topics in relation to the desired outcome. 

I worked for 7 years as an arborist, so I have a deep practical knowledge about trees, botany and ecology. I have spent 6 years in college level courses studying biology and general science. In that time I also finished my teaching degree and field experience. I graduated from Metropolitan State University (Denver, CO) in 2019.

1 session: $45 dollars/hr. Although my prices are negotiable for certain circumstances.

I have a passion for science, and have been designing a curriculum.  Love learning about new things and eternity teaching and discussing science. I was starting to substitute in the school system but COVID-19 has stopped me from getting established, for the moment. 

I have more experience working with middle school and high school level students. I have worked to a lesser extent with college and adults. 

I recommend that you find a tutor that can relate the information you and your interests.  If you have a difficult time connecting to the subject matter it's because you aren't personally interested in what that information means to you.  Finding out how something effects you personally brings it home and you're more likely to retain your understanding permanently. 

To be proactive in your conversation with a teacher consider these. What specific information do you need help with? Based on the assignments, projects and tests or otherwise reflect on where you need clarification. Don't just tell your teacher that you need help and make them figure out where you're confused and how to help you. Think for yourself and have an outcome in mind.  Do just want to just pass or do you want to know the information?

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