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Offers online services


I am a PhD student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas pursuing a Doctoral degree in Exercise Physiology. I have served as an anatomy lab instructor who taught labs as an extension to upper division anatomy as well as serving as a physiology lab instructor. I have a Bachelors in Biology with a double minor in Chemistry and Sports Health and Wellness as well as a Masters degree in Applied Physiology. I am a huge proponent of conceptual learning. When I discuss this with my students, I emphasize the concept of integrating and learning information as it fits the whole picture, with less focus on memorization. My goal as an instructor has always been to ensure my students remember what I taught them as they continue on with their academic and professional careers. I purposely obtained two minors in addition to my Bachelors in order to understand how the human body works from its very atomic foundation, all the way to its anatomic structure and function.

In addition, I cater my teaching style to the needs of my students. I quickly gauge how my students learn from an individual perspective and have collected numerous methods of learning that encapsulate these learning preferences. A big part of being in the sciences is learning how to write scientifically. I served as a writing fellow for an upper division Concepts of Health and Disease course in which I assisted 130 students over the course of two years how to write as a science professional.

Professionally, I have served as a research assistant in neurology and have published my own research in altitude physiology through the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. In addition, I have helped numerous people achieve their health and fitness goals as a certified personal trainer for 7 years, owing to my deep understanding of the human body.

Professionally and academically, I am proficient in the study of anatomy, biomechanics, nutrition, metabolism, physiology, biology, and biochemistry.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching students my passion for science and how the human body works. Having a meticulous understanding of how the human body functions from a chemical and biological standpoint, academically and professionally, will help my students receive the best help and direction in their future endeavors.

I thoroughly enjoy spreading my passion for science and seeing students light up when they finally understand a concept that was troubling them. I also love finding ways to make science relative to my student's lives so that they gain a new appreciation and excitement for their own learning.


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Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

My typical process starts with getting to know my student's aspirations. I want to know what their interests are and what they can see themselves pursuing in the future. This gives me a perfect outlet to cater how the knowledge I am teaching fits into their lives. 

Next, I want to know how each student best learns. I want to know if they like auditory explanations, demonstrations, and/or visual references. I can also provide any number of flashcards, quizzes, diagrams, and additional resources for my students as well.

Because of my background, I have the ability to break down any topic as far as possible in order for my students to see the big picture. 


Bachelors in Biology (2012-2016) - Biomedical Sciences with double minors in Chemistry and Sports Health and Wellness. 

Masters in Applied Physiology (2020-2022)

Anatomy Lab Instructor (2020-2022)

Physiology Lab Instructor (2020-2022)

Writing Fellow (2020-2022)

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist (2012-2018)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (2020-present)


Certified Personal Trainer (2012-2018)

Research Assistant in Neurology

Rehab Assistant in Neurology - Concussion/TBI

3 years experience in orthopedic surgery/orthopedic physical therapy

Internship with THOR3 - performance analyst and strength and conditioning intern

1 hour: $60

I come from a family of teachers. My grandmother and mother were both formally trained secondary education teachers and my sister is an 8th grade History and 12th grade Government teacher. In high school, I tutored middle schoolers in a variety of subjects 3 times a week after school. Observing my family and experiencing teaching as a teenager served as the foundation for my passion for teaching as I progressed through my undergraduate and graduate careers. 

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