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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am an organic chemist. I have taught as faculty in NY and Colorado. It may sound like a highly specialized subject, but I couldn't have excelled at it if all my other science, humanities, and social science courses weren't learned to the best of my ability as well. No filler, fluff, or wasted time.

I enjoy working with students and treat them as colleagues. I learned the importance of that while teaching as a PhD student. We are a team and I will show you how I've helped literally thousands of students accomplish their goals.

I also have biochemistry, economics, and philosophy degrees in addition to all of the chemistry and physics. I can help you become independent because that is my primary goal to get you independent.

I work with prople from age 8 to the PhD level from all backgrounds and learning disabilities, the deaf and blind.

I can teach every subject in the curriculum for medical, nursing, and dental school including the MCAT, GRE, DAT, OAT, PCAT and Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) and SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT ASVAB and GED.

With these uncertain times, take your exams and other work with total confidence in a top grade.

I change people’s lives for the better, literally. they've told me so. I am a guide who makes things simpler and plain. Teaching is rewarding like few other endeavors.

It is the reason I became a college instructor. I have over 27 years experience and as a tutor have never had any student fail or fall below an A if that was their set goal.

I have taught not only at university (Rochester, Princeton, CU, CO School of Mines) but also one-on-one and with groups for which rates that go down per additional person. (Max of three people at one time).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting you the necessary resources you must have to dominate, not just pass.


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Offers online services

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    Jenny W.

    Dave was great help to my daughter. He clarified concepts and boosted her confidence in physical science. He was super flexible and willing to find a tutoring time that would fit into our busy schedule. He was willing to start tutoring my daughter ASAP to help her prepare for her Honors Physical Science final. It is obvious that Dave has extensive knowledge in science and math. He was a great tutor for us.
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    December 14, 2019
    Hired on Tutors

    Nate H.

    In the 4x I scheduled with him, he never showed up on time once. He has a fair number of excuses as to why he is late or decides not to show up at all for our scheduled times. If youre looking for a tutor who cares about your time and wants to help you succeed, this is not your guy.
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    March 03, 2019
    Hired on Tutors

    Lindsey M.

    The patience, knowledgeability, and the tutors extensive experience and understanding of everything going on. Instead of nonsense Powerpoint reading, the tutor is a hundred times better explaining simple things that the prof obfuscates like a sadist. I dont wast time learning useless fluff with no point like in my lecture unfortunately. Im so glad I got help before it was too late. Thanks
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    November 05, 2018
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    Sarah M.

    Incredibly knowledgeable, helped build my confidence and shake my misconceptions of my own intelligence. I got way more out of it than a an A in chemistry, I learned how to study for the rest of my life.
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    November 05, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    Many people have no experience being tutored. That's where I can be of most help. I begin with a brief introduction to get comfortable. I ask open ended questions about past and current progress. I do not waste much time on this as sometimes the client isn’t sure. I go straight into a game plan and start explaining and doing it unless it’s a subject like public speaking or accountancy.

    I ask about special needs, time availability, peruse the syllabus and course schedule, point breakdown, current standing, and required workload.

    I arrange for appointments where deadlines grow closer; and, most importantly, I build confidence from the beginning. We are equals and teammates. My job is to get you confident and independent. 

    <br><a href="https://tutors.com/co/denver/math-tutors/" target="_blank"><img src="//cdn.tutors.com/assets/images/tmp/tutors-2018.png" width="150"></a><br>

    I am a dual bachelors (economics and chemistry) with a Master of Science in Chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry. I have tutored students since I was a college freshman in every subject I took.

    As a graduate student and lab coordinator, my role was to provide supervision and evaluate performance. I assigned letter grades and learned the ins and outs of efficient instruction and doing so in clear succinct language rephrasing questions and reinforcing repetition and building confidence.

    For example students who need help in Organic Chemistry. $140 for Masters students and $60 for undergraduates taking organic chemistry.


    The other subjects I tutor math, test prep, physics, composition etc. are similarly priced but begin lower.

    Also I have group rates. The price is lower for 2 or 3 students though the attention given is the same at the same pace.  

    Far commutes outside my area will require more for gas and travel time but I am easy to work with and offer online lessons.

    I started by noticing the difficulties my fellow students were having, formed study groups and led them. I quickly was hired by the college to tutor everyone needing it. 

    From there I taught recitation and lab assigning grades and developing my personal teaching method. After grad school, I taught at Princeton, CU, and Mines. 

    I have always tutored. It is my passion. Even when working as a college instructor, I enjoy the connection and I know students’ success in these subjects is completely life-changing. It’s rewarding when people scream “I can’t believe I got an A!!!” at you. :)

    Traditional students, non-traditional students, men, women, children, the hearing impaired and/or deaf, the blind, and those with learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD. 

    I've worked with some of the brightest students out there and helped them reach their targets. Everyone is unique and has a different learning sytle. 

    I treat everyone the same regardless of the progress on their journey. We're a team, im

    your coach and mentor, not your boss. 

    i ran into a former student of mine. He was an ER physician when I recognized him. He knew who I was immediately. He told everybody present I am the reason he made it as a doctor at all. “I couldn’t have gotten where I am without you. I wouldv’e failed for certain.”

    it was nice to hear that and met up later but it rewarding to see changes people make in their futures by just realizing life is easier with a guide who will help me be independent. 

    -to your success!

    Never ever pay money to an undergraduate tutor in chemistry and especially never math or ORGANIC chemistry. They know less than you do (its fresh to you) and charge what PhDs charge. 

    Talk to at least 3 tutors, they’ll jump at the opportunity. Test them out, and if you do not mesh, don’t feel bad finding a replacement immediately. 

    1. What is the greatest barrier to starting to study on a daily basis?

    2. Why am I in this course and what do I want to take from it (beyond getting it our with).

    3. Am I coachable, attentive, and willing to put in the time, hire a tutor, and most importantly practice between sessions to maximize our productivity? 

    4. Do I have any special needs or concerns at all, mental blocks, learning disabilities or anxiety that is slowing my progress?

    5. Can I study a little every single day no matter what or even if it’s just one problem?

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