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Offers online services
Offers online services


Sunny Day Tutoring Services provides far more than homework help. The company is owned and operated by Sunny Goodwin and provides indiviualized learning/tutoring plans and programs custom made for each student's needs.

Sunny Goodwin is the owner and director of Sunny Day Tutoring Services. She coordinates all tutoring activities and communications between parents, tutors and school staff.

Sunny Goodwin, M.A., is a Master Teacher, Educational Consultant, Diagnostician and Curriculum Developer. She is fully credentialed with 48 years of teaching expertise in almost all traditional school subjects, all grade levels, Pre-K through 12, and adults. She helped write a charter for a Home Education Charter School, and taught in Home Education Programs, Independent Study, as well as regular classrooms. She has taught tradititonal classes, gifted self contained classe, and pull oout programs, ungraded primary classes, created her own curriculum for Fine Arts Summer School and wrote curriculum for Independent Study programs, and was a Demonstration Teacher in Northern California.

As a longtime student advocate, she believes that everyone is born with a love of learning that is simply waiting to be tapped. Her greatest delight is providing the key that unlocks each student’s natural gifts of self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

Sunny Day Tutoring Services offers specialized higher math tutoring, reading and writing specialist, and tutors who are certified to teach English language learners. Sunny also provides learning materials, all grades, a wide variety of subjects for all ages.

Specialties: We specialize in helping all students excel, including Special Education students, identified or not. We can often help parents navigate through the school system to get the most help for their students at school. We have tutors who specialize in higher math, sciences and college prep exams such as the SAT, ACT and the GRE. Sunny has studied compassionate communication (NVC) and always strives to be positive with students, giving them tools to help them succeed!

Helping students succeed and excel is Sunny's passion and calling in life. She finds JOY in working with students, teachers, and parents to make a real difference in their lives. Since Sunny has taught for so long, in so many grades, age levels, (including adults) subjects, in California,, Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas, then returning home to CA to continue her life work. Sunny event taught students in India one summer with no books, no paper, no pencils or materials. She taught them read from writing in the dirt with sticks and LOVED it! It is about connecting with children and inspiring them to learn with her enthusiam for life and learning.

Sunny loves learning herself and finds it fun keeping up with new curriculum changes. She prides herself in knowing how to teach all the standard curriculum, as well as Common Core Math and Lang. Arts, Science, and Social Sciences and Special Needs students. She loves that teaching is NEVER boring and enjoys every new challenge her studens present, especially when she finds the key to unlock their learning problems so that they succeed. It keeps her active, young, vital, and engaged in life!


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    Jessica H.

    We were in town for a family emergency and my 4th grader was struggling with math. They were quick to respond and were able to tutor the week we were in town and my 4th grader went back to school with confidence.
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    February 10, 2020
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    laura Q.

    Sunny was extremely helpful, professional and nice! I was requesting a tutor with virtually an hours notice. Within 10 minutes Sunny got back to me and was doing her best to set my son up with a tutor. Thankfully an hour later, Derek was able to come over and help. Derek was awesome! He explained things very well and went through the Math problems step by step. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and answered all my son’s questions. I really appreciated both Sunny and Derek’s help today! If in the future, my son needs help again, I know exactly where to go! 😊
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    August 05, 2018
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    Floyd W.

    Very professional and they were very good working with my son.
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    June 12, 2018


    Kimberly S.

    Open communication and always makes herself available. Very sweet who is very knowledgeable!!
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    April 16, 2018
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    I highly recommend Sunny Day Tutoring. My daughter struggled with math and reading comprehension. She has EXCELLED with tutoring. Her confidence has grown and in so many areas now. Her tutor is flexible with schedule changes and extremely delightful. We are so grateful. Thank you!!!!
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    February 19, 2017


    Jerica T.

    Sunny Day Tutoring was amazing at fitting a tutor to my daughters specific needs. We are very thankful for their tutoring services :)
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    February 18, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    We do assessments if necessary, then decide together what type of individualized learning/tutoring plan to create. We also can make a link between the school teachers, staff, and principal to be sure communications lines are open and we are all communicating with each other so that the student improves in areas directly related to classwork. We do not just do homework help. We get to the root of the learning issues and fix them from the bottom up, reviewing and reteaching skills that are missed or needed to be retaught.

    I have 49 years of teaching experience in every grade level from pre-k through college and adult. My tutors' almost all have Masters Degrees in Education or their subject matter, such as a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics, Chemistry, etc. They have all had many years (often 25 to 35 years of classroom teaching experience) and know how to teach Common Core Standards. My Special Education teachers all have Masters Degrees in Spec. Ed. and 30 to 45 years of teaching experience. In other words, it is difficult to find a better qualifed group of professional educators in any other tutoring service anywhere. I pay my tutors more than other places pay, so I attract and keep the BEST in the area.

    Elementary ranges from $45 per hr. to $50 per hour for Special Education teachers.

    Middle School has the same range.

    High School goes from $50 to $55 per hr. depending up on if it higher math, science, or SAT, ACT Prep.

    College Math is $55 per hour, and Lang. Arts based College subjects are $50 per hr.

    I have some specials for first time clients, and/or military members and low income families or families with more than one student in tutoring with me.

    I have known since I was 19 years old that I was called to teach. I began working with children in an orphanage at age 15, as a Head Start Teacher's aide in high school, in  college I ran a Tiny Tots education program from our City Recreation Program and started teaching my first elementary class of 33 children when I was still 20 years old. I was a Demonstration Kindergarten Teacher and had my Masters Degree in Education by the time I was 22 years old.

    I have worked with every type of child/student imaginable from age 2 through 68 years old, Special Ed students, autistic, ADD, ADHD, 504 Plan Students, Marines and military men and women, English Language Learners from rank beginners in English to more advanced. Literally, you name it, I hae taught it, including students in wheelchairs with Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, ets. When in India volunteering one summer, I taught English a group of students ages 5 through 9 years old who all spoke different languages on a cement pad with a thatched roof for shade, with no books, no pencils, no paper, no materials of any kidn or walls, even. I taught them in the Oral Tradition and they learned to write by scratching in the dirt with sticks and building words with rocks and sticks....and I LOVED IT!

    I am most fond of when I have students who come to me failing and leave with all A's and B's. I am also fond of the fact that I have identified MANY students that the schools have failed to identify with learning disabilities and been able to get them into appropriate Special Education programs. I often literally "work my way out of a job" when students excel and no longer need me.

    Be SURE they KNOW what they are doing, have MANY years of teaching experience, high levels of degress and training, and are willing to communicate with your parents and teachers to create a team that can support you in the classroom!

    Are they also needing help with study skills or just the material and concepts being presented in class? Are they already trying their best to do WHATEVER they can to succeed on their own?

    Services offered

    Reading And Writing Tutoring
    Test Prep Tutoring