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Offers online services


After a lot of years being in school (I'm not even exaggerating lol it feels like I've been in school forever!) - from high school to undergrad and now med school - I have come to really enjoy and understand the intricates of learning! Along the way, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching back what I have learned. Let's be honest, it started with me talking to myself- teaching myself what I have just learned and I found that to be very helpful. Before I knew it, i was tutoring my friends and they found it very helpful and would say I summarized the same thing the teacher said in layman terms which helped them understand the different concepts better. Before I knew it, they told their friends and friends told their friends. With more people, I had to come up with other efficient ways to tutor them. This is something I pride myself on- that we will always figure it out so long as we keep trying. In between my now passion of teaching combined with about 10 years of experience in tutoring and the knowledge I continue to seek, I feel prepared to tutor you whether one on one or in a group. I am very flexible in the summer and I'll update my time schedule once we hit the fall.

I enjoy learning and best of all I enjoy teaching. I get energy from interacting with others and I especially feel fulfilled by knowing that the interaction was productive. Being able to understand a concept well enough to be able to relay it to another person in the most effective way is truly humbling. I love watching students get their "aha!" moments by simply explaining something they already knew but in a manner that they understand. And most of all, I enjoy when my students come back to me and tell me that they knew how to answer a question correctly in the exam because of something that we discussed during our tutoring session. Absolutely incredible.


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Frequently asked questions

I believe that everyone already knows SOMETHING. Therefore, I like to start by finding out exactly where the student stands by asking some questions. For a new student, this will give us perspective on where to begin. For a recurring student, the art of asking questions, I believe, helps identify where the gaps are and then we work together to fill in those gaps 

I have:

an associates degree in biology

a bachelors degree in Biology

and I'm currently completing my second year of medical school

Price will be $50/hr 

but if there is any student who is struggling academically and is in financial need, I'd be more than happy to work with them on whatever they'll be comfortable with. Just reach out to me and we will work something out.  

It started with myself. I reckon it even started long before I even realize it. I didn't realize it at first until my younger brother used to tell me, "Moza... sssshh!". Then it occurred to me. Whenever I'm studying something, I have the habit of teaching it back to myself out loud. Later on, I learned that this may have indeed been annoying to my brother when we were studying together, but it was an effective studying method for me! After I realized that's what I was doing, I became more mindful of those around me and was intentional on my teach backs. I soon started tutoring my friends, then friends of friends throughout high school and undergrad. In fact, in undergrad I actually worked as tutor and mentor to over 50 students. I continue to tutor now throughout medical school. It's both fulfilling to me but I also form such great bonds with my students. 

I have worked and enjoyed working with students across the board. From teaching toddlers their ABCs all the way up to medical school courses. I have tutored those in elementary, middle school and high school. Whatever it is someone is struggling with, I'd go do my homework on it and then will be ready to tutor them. 

Find someone who can RELAY the information to you in a manner that you will understand. 
a lot of the tutors WILL have the knowledge. They will know what you're looking for or they are actually masters of the subject you need tutoring for. However, there's a big difference in someone who knows the information and a person who can TEACH the information effectively. So as you try to select a tutor, make sure that the person has a passion for tutoring and teaching and has done it before in the past. 

the second thing would be to make sure you find someone that matches your learning style. For example, I'm the person who likes to be taught by being asked questions so that the tutor can know where I stand, therefore, if I have a tutor who is just speaking at me or lecturing me without stopping to ask questions to make sure I'm following, I can easily get distracted and miss the whole point. 
All this to say: find a tutor that matches your learning style! 

I believe students should try their best to come to the sessions prepared. I find that one gains a lot from a session if they know a little bit about what they're learning beforehand. Because that way, the session serves to fill in any gaps. 

however, it is also not necessarily the worst thing if students come in without knowing anything about the subject. Because that's what we are here for. I know multiple times in my career when I have been like "I do not even know what I don't know" so do not feel alone! We will figure it out together and we will make a plan for your success! 

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