Computer Science By Software Engineer

Computer Science By Software Engineer

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a working Software Engineer with years of experience at different size companeis in different industries. I have a CS degree from USC and plenty of personal project experience (websites and mobile apps).

The best way to learn is from professionals in a field of study, especially if they can teach well. I have been tutoring in the LA area, in-person and online for the last 10 years on my spare time and I love it :)


14 years in business
Serves West Los Angeles , CA
Offers online services

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Maya M.

Not only is Milad very knowledgeable in computer science, he is also very patience and able to simplify complex learnings for better understanding. He is adamant about making sure that I fully understand what hes teaching me, even if our session ends up going over time.
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June 10, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I try to understand their immediate needs first and try to address those. If they have some foundational flaws in their subject matter understanding that cannot wait to be addressed, I'll have to explain that to them in a way that will make sense and guide them through the process of revising their understanding before solving their immediate need.

Computer Science degree from University of Southern California

Software Engineering intern for 2 years (sophmore-senior year) at Symantec Corporation

Personal Projects:

iOS App on the appstore

2 websites in production

Generally I charge $85/hr but on a case by case bases I can decrease that amount, depends on how much work the student needs and also how many sessions they cna commit to.

For more advanced help, such college and grad school the price can go up, but rarely

I started in 2010 tutoring math and physics to middle school students in my neighborhood

K-12 students

Undergaratuadte students

Graduate sutudents

Go with someone who has a computer science degree at least. Better if they have experience working in industry

Why? Because many teacher teaching this stuff are struggling and are not subject matter experets

Ask yourself, what are my gaols? How much d I care about this subject? Do I want to just pass my class or get a good grade? Or do I want to pursue this subject matter beyond in college and maybe as a career?

How do I learn best? Do I learn by examples or do I learn best when I knwo the theory first?

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Computer Programming
Computer Engineering