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Computer Science Tutoring

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Offers online services
Offers online services


My priority is to get process in my student. I make subjects more abstract and understandable in many different ways. I am very patient person who can handle many wrong and errors made by my student. I am always friendly and I am trying to be more flexible in my schedule.

I really get happy when I see any progress in my student. I feel like I try to get my student more successfull in their life. It is not just what I taught them. It is overall. I believe that, if I make one of my students who get contunious learning habit. Then I am sure that she/he will be successful her/his life in some field, some how etc. This is my overall goal for every single student.


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Offers online services


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Ezgi A.

I really like work with Merve. I am 27 and met her a year ago. I wanted to get involve computer science field. Actually I wanted to be a developer with no knowledge. Merve and I determine a line to follow. This like a long way journey to make me what I want. I have been learning studying a lot. Now I feel very confident about computer science concepts. I am currently interviewing with companies to get a job as a web developer. I can tell she taught me everything about computer science. I even do not have CS degree. I need to thank her for many reasons. I am lucky to have you as a teacher and as a friend.
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August 18, 2020

Frequently asked questions

When working with a prospect, the most important aspect of the entire process is building

a rapport. At this point in time, students have potentially struggled with various topics, so

the importance of instilling confidence in them before any tutoring begins is essential to

their success. Nevertheless, prior to scheduling sessions, I like to meet with the student

and/or parent(s). We work hand in hand to build their specialized plan of action. Students

create a detailed description of their current situation and their desired results. Next, we

come up with a set of goals and how to implement the plan of action appropriately in order

to accomplish said results. This plan depends on the immediate needs of the student, but

many plans include some sort of accommodation to pre and post-session communication in

order to track progress.

I have a Master of Science in Software Engineering

I have 3 years experince about in my field.

When I was in collage, I was teaching high school and middle school students voluntarily, who cannot afford to get tutor math, geometry, science etc. 

I really like teaching which makes me feel much better. 

I mostly worked with age 13-18. I had a little girl once who does not how to write and how to read. She was so willing to learn how read, to read her brother's books. After 4-6 months later, she was reading and writing. It made her so happy. 

I have a my neighbor's daughter. She is 13. She wants to code. She did not have any knowledge about it. We have been working together two months. She always prepared the lessons, she got very good progress. I do not bother her in our class, everyone thinks coding is hard. But it is very easy if you empty mind and passion about it. Her learning is like a game, she does what she wants. She is trying to make your own website.The most important thing is her every game makes her undrestanding better.

I am so proud of her.

I want students have a new habit which is continuous learning about any subject. I am not just aiming get A grade from school. My goal is building new habits for students. Learning makes you willing to learn more. I want students make their learning is long term even life time. Eventually this makes them professional knowledge about this topic. Then make thair job search easier. Because they know more than others.

Students need to be honest about their needs, then we will figure out what needs to be done!

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