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One-to-One Tutoring Service

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Offers online services


I have been doing private tutoring since the 1980's. I have a California teaching credential in math and chemistry and have tutored hundreds of students in those subjects over the past 30+ years. My Bachelor's degree was in chemistry from U C, Berkeley. I also have an MS in environmental studies from San Jose State. I taught full time at the high school and middle school level for 10 years in private schools in California and overseas. I was a sub teacher in the Palo Alto School District for many years up until the pandemic started. I prefer working with students in person, but can do lessons online on Zoom if needed. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Peninsula area, I can meet your student at your home or at a convenient library. I also have a home office where you can come to me if that is more convenient.

I have been tutoring for many years. I really enjoy the chance to work with students on an individual basis. With math and chemistry I believe students learn much more readily in an individual lesson rather than in a large classroom setting. When the student has the aha moment that they really understand how to do the problems, then you know you are really helping them learn.


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Offers online services

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Elizabeth F.

John said he was really patient and great at imparting chem knowledge
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December 06, 2019
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Frequently asked questions

If the student is in school, I will discuss with his or her parents about what the student's needs are.  Is there a need to go back and learn material that was missed earlier, or does the student just need to understand what he or she is working on right now.  I typically use the student's homework assignments to teach the concepts and problem solving skills needed to succeed on tests that will be coming up.  

My bachelor's degree was in chemistry from the University of CA, Berkeley with a minor in math.  My teacher education courses were at the CA Polytechnic University at Pomona.  My MS degree was in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University.  My CA clear teaching credential is in math and chemistry.

I work by the hour. The rate can vary depending on the level of the student and how far I may have to travel for the lessons.
I have been in the education business for many years. When I first graduated from U C Berkeley, I became a VISTA Volunteer (Volunteer in Service to America) and worked in a tutoring program in Wichita, Kansas. That is where I got my first tutoring experience and learned that I had a talent for communicating with students to help them overcome difficulties with their studies.
I have worked with hundreds of students, mostly on the high school and middle school levels. I have also worked with community college students taking introductory college courses in chemistry, math, and statistics. I have taught all levels of math up to first year calculus and high school and freshman college level chemistry including honors courses.
Ask about the teacher's experience teaching or tutoring the course you need help with.
What sort of help do they need, remedial or enrichment? What is their best way to learn material in a course? Does the teacher use that method in teaching the material? How frequently do they need the lessons? Are they comfortable meeting the teacher away from home, or would they rather the teacher come to their home?

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