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Offers online services
Offers online services


With Math and Language Skills, Many Students "Get Lost."

I pinpoint weak skills and problem areas, and go over the prior skills necessary to attack the given exercises. This sometimes requires a few extra sessions than expected, but the results are worth it! Soon, my students grin at their new found skills and abilities, feeling proud and empowered!

I majored in Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics (changing my majors more than once, I love all of these subjects, and more!)

I've tutored since the 1980s, from Jr. High / Middle School to College Level.

Count how many times in reviews about me that Students and Parents use the word:


Thanks for considering me for your tutoring needs!


I Live to Serve, and I Serve to Live!

I love to see my students have those "A-Ha!" Moments...

I'm remembering in particular, one student;

she started with somewhat low self-esteem regarding her abilities, and thought she would need four sessions a week. I let her know that perhaps at first we might need an extra session or two, but most likely as she got her footing, once or at most twice a week would be enough.

She was doubtful, but off we went! She improved rapidly...

(You _all_ can improve rapidly! You are So Smart! Yes, I'm talking to YOU!)

By the end of the first semester, studying for her final, there was one problem she was confused about. I looked at her, smiled, asked her a simpler question or two. She answered them. Then I asked her to read the question again.

She did, and said: "So, you do it like this?"

"Yes," I replied.

"So... That's it?!? That's EASY!" She exclaimed.


THOSE are the moments that I enjoy most about what I do.


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Offers online services

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  • Two Orthogonal Curves to a Single Function at a Point.

  • Reviews

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    Helen F.

    He is reliable friendly and above all very helpful. He is extremely bright and knowledgeable. We are very glad we found him!
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    November 20, 2022
    Hired on Tutors

    Jacqui C.

    Mike was incredibly easy to talk to and coordinate with. He worked really well with my teenage son, who was begrudgingly studying French 2. We’re looking forward to continuing tutoring with Mike this year for Geometry and Physics.
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    August 04, 2022

    Aashish T.

    Mike is an excellent teacher. My son needed help with Math and AP Physics and Mike really helped a lot in getting the concepts clarified. We loved how Mike would send over digital captures of all the concepts covered and problems solved during tutoring sessions - those were most helpful. Knowing the subject and teaching the subject are vastly different skills and Mike excels at both! Mike was also accommodating of schedule changes due to other activities and my son couldnt have asked for anyone better!
    ... Show more
    August 04, 2022

    Sharika R.

    Mike helps me a lot and I have been excelling in my AP Calculus class ever since I started getting tutoring lessons from him!
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    April 13, 2022

    Jalin Z.

    Mr. Mike is a very understanding and loving person. My son has been with him almost 3 years; Mr. Mike has shown his love and care toward my son.
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    February 10, 2022
    Hired on Tutors

    Tie R.

    After interviewing several tutors we selected Mike to help tutor my daughter in AP Calculus. After speaking with him and learning about his teaching methods we felt he would be a good match. He is great at communicating and always stays in touch with both parent and student. He excels at breaking down difficult concepts and reteaching tips and tricks to help students digest the material. He is friendly and encouraging which makes the student feel at ease. And hes funny which makes the tutor sessions feel relaxed. If a student doesnt understand a concept he will break it down in a way that works for them. My daughter ended her semester with an A in AP Calculus and we know this was due to Mikes help and encouragement. I would highly recommend Mike as a tutor, thanks again for all of your help Mike!
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    January 05, 2022
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    Frequently asked questions

    I often have a Free "Meet and Greet" Session, to evaluate my Potential New Student, See what they already know, and see if we "Click!"

    Apart from Tutoring Mathematics, Science and Languages, I currently am a Computer Consultant / Network Administrator / IT Guru / Computer Guy.

    At Cal State my Major was Mathematics, but My Studies  over the years have covered Higher Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Linguistics and Foreign Languages (I speak French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as my Native English.)

    Sessions tend to be about an hour long.

    I give a discount for the first session.

    I can give a free one question and answer session to let us see if we're a good match, usually five or ten minutes.

    If you turn out to be a "regular" student, for instance three to five times a week, I can give a bit of a discount.

    I take cash when in person, or accept Venmo or Zelle.  (I can accept PayPal, but I have to add a slight surcharge, as PayPal charges exorbitant transaction fees.)

    I've loved teaching ever since I was a Student in High School.  I'm a Life Long Learner and I Love to Share all the things I know.  Every Day is Another Opportunity to Learn and Pass On Knowledge!

    Everything from Extremely Gifted on the "High End," to Challenged Students (Autistic or Developmentally Disabled.)

    I'm fond of them all, truly:  Particularly those whose abilities don't start out as top notch;  I learn so much from them!  I learn how to be a better instructor from them, realizing the steps I may have skipped in my explanations.  I am a MUCH Better Tutor because of my Developmentally Delayed Students!

    For the last three Summer Sessions, I've had a Student Studying Calculus.  Calculus is EXTREMELY Demanding, even under regular circumstances.  But during a Summer Session, I let Students Know:  Get Ready to Eat, Breath, Sleep and Dream Calculus in between actual Classes and Homework!  This is Your ENTIRE LIFE for the next Six to Eight Weeks!  This is Boot Camp!

    My last Summer Calculus Student was Brian.  We had a great time, though obviously we both worked hard.  I love to relate the actual course material to my students' other interests.  We did a lot of that towards the end of the course.  It was absolutely amazing how well he could approach these advanced integrals after just Six Weeks!

    Although there are many good (and often free) resources available, having an experienced tutor can be indispensable.  You may have access to a fellow student or a student-tutor:  These people often understand the material well, but do not have experience _teaching_.

    I have seen the obstacles and pit-falls over the years.  When I recognize a misunderstanding, I will stop, go off to the side, and create a mini-exercise or three to clear up any confusion.  When we go back to the problem, you will be surprised how much more clear it will be!

    It is helpful if you have material from your classroom.  In particular, any exercises that have been confusing, difficult or highly challenging.  Often only one or two such exercises are necessary to home in on where your difficulties lie, and perhaps go back to some more fundamental concepts before tackling the original exercises.

    Services offered

    Test Prep Tutoring