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Reading and writing are fundamental skills that every child and young adult deserve to master. These skills open doors for the rest of life.

Learning to read and write - at any level from elementary school to college - can be fun, lighthearted, and satisfying.

I enjoy working with scholars who think "I can't" and showing them that they CAN.

Learning happens best in person. Period. Scholars who are struggling benefit enormously from a tutor who is able to come to their home where the scholar is comfortable. This is exclusively how I tutor students, in their homes or in libraries or other comfortable settings.


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B.A. in Psychology Dartmouth College, 1990

PhD. In Developmental Pychology Stanford University, 1995

Mother of twin boys (19)


I have been tutoring, mentoring, and teaching others since I myself was in college. In 2019 I stepped back from a career in tech and UX Design, and returned to my first love of working with young scholars. 

I was inspired to begin teaching again after listening in to my son get tutored as he was writing his college essays. He struggles with writing, and he dislikes it intensely, and his ADD doesn't help matters. But the tutor was simply terrible, putting words in his mouth, criticizing his writing, and generally making the whole hour more painful. At one point she asked what he enjoyed about the topic (Dungeons & Dragons, I believe).  He gave a really interesting answer about the characters and abilities and scenarios. Instead of saying, "Ah ha! Great! Let's write that down," she just swept past it. In that moment I thought, "is this the kind of teaching students have to put up with?"

I enjoy getting students to those "ah ha!" moments and then capitalizing on them. 

Early readers and writers ages 4 and up. 

High school readers and writers -- some remedial and some AP and some in between. 

College writers, largely in the social sciences and humanities departments. 

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Reading And Writing Tutoring