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Offers online services


I hold a BA in Natural Sciences and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, as such I am well educated and have diverse skills ranging from English to Math to the Sciences. I have written numerous dissertations and have conducted biological research in both industry and academia. I have written and contributed to scientific papers, which have been published in peer reviewed journals.

I have experience teaching students from ages 4 through to adulthood and I bring a unique approach to learning. I have over 10 years worth of teaching experience at K-12, and have taught students at undergraduate and graduate level.

In order to ensure students can excel in a given subject I mantain an enthusiastic and conscientious approach to their education. Whether a student is struggling in a subject or wishes to advance existing skills I work with students to identify new ways of learning.

It is essential that students feel supported and understood so I am careful to check in with my students regularly to make sure they understand the material we have covered.

I am happy to work with students of any ability and currently teach students with physical and learning disabilities. I also teach several students who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder as well as students diagnosed with ADHD.

My ultimate aim is to help students reach their full potential and to become independent learners.

I enjoy having the opportunity to work with children and young people from diverse backgrounds. I like a challenge, so I enjoy helping students who are having a particularly hard time grasping a given subject or topic.

It is very interesting learning about my student’s ambitions in life. It is especially important to me to help students get through periods of difficulty to show them that they can meet their goals.

Learning has always been something I have enjoyed and I find it especially fun when students are also happy to learn new material.


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ariel S.

I’m so happy to have found Sarrita. As an adult learner there are a lot of math concepts that I don’t remember. Sarrita was able to identify my weaknesses and encourage me until I grasped the concept. She draws pictures and uses real world examples which is extremely helpful.
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August 01, 2019
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Arnab B.

Sarrita helped me prepare for my SAT in December. I took the test in October and didn’t do great. I rly needed a good score for my college Apps. Thanks To Sarrita I got a 1550, up from 1240. Sarrita’s a rly good teacher and working with her is easy. She’s very patient and helped me a lot with my anxiety. My biggest prblem is with math cos I was sick during a lot of algebra 1 and 2 and I hate geometry. But she taught me how to spot certain questions and get to answers quickly. I’m glad I won’t need to take the SAT again. Sarrita’s also tutoring me for AP Chemistry and AP World History. One thing I like the most about Sarrita is that she believes in me. She’s very smart but she won’t intimidate you with how smart she is. She knows so much that I only ever need one tutor to help me with all my subjects.
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December 24, 2018


Sally B.

My two kids (one high schooler and one middle schooler) were tutored by Sarrita for a year in a math and English. Sarrita is hard-working and thoughtful. She was just what my two boys needed as they were falling behind in school. Sarrita has a great sense of humor and knows exactly when to use it. My boys took to her easily and she adapted to their learning styles with ease.
It was easy to schedule tutorials and add extra time if there was a test coming up. Sarrita has a lot of knowledge on many subjects and was able to help out for subjects other than math and a English. One of my son’S has ADHD and Sarrita worked well with him and taught him a lot of good study strategies.
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December 24, 2018

Frequently asked questions

When appropriate, I like to meet a new student with their parent(s) to get a sense of everyone’s goals, expectations and challenges for tutoring.  Oftentimes, I will devise a learning plan with specific goals to make sure we stay on track.  This helps everyone get a sense of progress that is being made as well as ensure that no areas are being neglected.

It is important for me to find out about a new student, so I like to know what subjects they like and dislike.  I typically try to figure out why they like and/or dislike specific aspects of a subject so I can devise strategies to help the student overcome any difficulties.

Normally, I will ask the student questions related to the subject they will be receiving tutoring in.  This helps me to get an idea of how the student approaches problems/questions and how they go about answering them.

initially, when I begin working with a new student I provide a lot of support and over time I gradually taper off the support to a point where they are able to work independently and with confidence.

I have both taught classes and tutored one-one for 10 years.  While in Britain, I was part of a teaching program which was aimed at helping underprivileged children into higher education.  I have also received training to work with children with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

For grades pre-K-5, my hourly rate is $70.

For grades 6-12, my hourly rate is $85.

For SAT, ACT, AP, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, ISEE, SSAT, my hourly rate begins at $110 and varies based on the number of sessions the student requires.

For college level courses, my hourly rate starts at $120 per hour.

Discounts are provided for individuals who require multiple hours of tutoring per week.  Family discounts are also available for households where more than one student requires tutoring.  

I aim to accommodate low-income families (and individuals) with children or adults who have disabilities; please request further information about reduced rates.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Tutorials that are canceled within 24 hours of the start time are billed as normal.

The best teachers are the ones who try to relate to their students.  If you do not get along with a person it can be very difficult to work effectively with them.  Teaching and learning is about give and take; a good teacher should always be prepared to be flexible to your needs, while providing support and guidance.  In turn, the student should be prepared to take full advantage of the knowledge and understanding that the teacher brings to them.

What are my favorite subjects and why?

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