Math Foundations

Math Foundations

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My philosophy for teaching is straightforward: I focus on the smallest and easiest changes that lead to the biggest improvements. My students learn how to spend their studying time productively in and out of tutoring sessions and I give them the tools to follow through and keep working on problems especially when they are difficult.

I have extensive experience teaching at all ability levels from 4th grade geometry to topics as daunting as actuarial science. I am always looking to improve my teaching methods and I am very eager to share what I have learned works and does not work in succeeding at math and science.

I enjoy when students master studying skills for themselves and learn to apply them to areas they are really interested in.

Helping students find their motivation so they have a drive to keep going motivates me to work harder.

I also enjoy making study materials in LaTeX (a math typesetting language) and digital flashcards for a variety of subjects in Anki. I do not charge any additional fees to access to my materials and am constantly building up my library.


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Avi S.

Marcus makes a persistent effort to explain, and re-explain foundational concepts until he finds something that works for you. He is also adept at explaining how each foundational concept relates to one and another to create a much greater understanding of the subject matter. He has helped GREATLY with topics in: probability theory, calculus, and statistics.
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June 26, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I work in three main areas with all my students: Study skills for efficient use of time, cognitive abilities to tackle math/science anxiety that prevent studying, and foundational knowledge that makes learning new material more comprehendable.

For 1 hour sessions:

1 person: $25.

2 people: $20 each.

3 people: $15 each.

4-10 people: $10 each.

I'd highly recommend group tutoring. It is not only more financially beneficial to me, but it is more affordable for students and building a community around studying will greatly improve students' chance of success.

Help with study skills are vastly more important than specific help. No matter who the tutor is the vast majority of studying should be done outside tutoring sessions.

If a tutor is holding a students hand through homework and practice problems then they are doing active harm by wasting the students time. It does not teach skills that can be used later and can accidentally convince their student that they are more prepared for exams than they actually are leading to frustration and disappointment.

Get a tutor who will let their students be uncomfortable because learning is a little uncomfortable! Easy things are often not worth doing. Efficient learning is done by learning to stay in a zone of discomfort for longer, good teachers and tutors know this.

It is always helpful for students to be upfront about any disabilities or mental health challenges they may have, within reason of course.

If a student is struggling with ADHD, dyslexia, depression, insomnia, food insecurity, etc. It can be very difficult or near impossible for them to direct their focus to a challenging class.

I know from my own experience that addressing insomnia has been a more critical factor in my success than any studying, because people simply can't do math if they're tired (or hungry, distracted, sad...).

Ultimately, be upfront. It is never embarassing to be struggling in skills or in life.

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