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Offers online services


I have been in training and education for close to twenty years, particularly working with young people. Starting with teaching body kinetics for children in swimming to teaching EMS to high school and adult groups, I have had many different teaching environments and challenges.

I specialize in early and basic meidicine, biology, communications, and body kinetics. I also work in foundations of art theory, art history, and visual and written arts. I can teach early and basic maths and sciences.

Levels vary by subject but I work predominantly with middle school aged to young adults. However I am happy to work with students outside that range.

I am also uniquely qualified to work with students with medical needs. My years of experience working on an ambulance mean that I can react to a medical emergency as well as recognize early signs to prevent one when possible.

I work well with students with attention challenges as well as students who struggle understanding concepts based on traditional education models. I have taught concepts with multiple approaches.

I have, over the years, been certified in the following:

NREMT-Paramedic, California and Idaho Paramedic, Idaho EMS Educator, NREMT-Advanced, Idaho and Arizona Advanced EMT, NREMT-EMT, Idaho and Virginia EMT, ARC Lifeguard Instructor Training, ARC Lifeguard Instructor, ARC Lifeguard, Ellis and Associates Lifeguard, ARC/ASHI/AAOS/AHA CPR Instructor, AHA ALCS, AHA PLCS, ARC/ASHI/AAOS/AHA Healthcare Provider, ARC WSIT, ARC WSI.

I have taught at High School, multiple ambulance organizations, personal home instruction, YMCA, and multiple organizations in-house and on-site. I have taught ages 4-Retirees. I have taught non-English speakers using translators, and ESL students.

I have degrees in Paramedic Sciences, Film Production, and Screen Writing and formal education in Biology and Communications.

I excel in non-traditional training and education. I am happy to discuss any questions!


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Glen H.

Great at getting you the knowledge you need! Knows her stuff and helps you understand. Great at communicating ideas and concepts.
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June 29, 2020

Sarah J.

I took a CPR/first aid class from Alexandria. It was an excellent experience. I feel like I learned a lot even from just one session.
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June 28, 2020

Frequently asked questions

An interview with the student and the students guardians about their needs and learning mechanisms. I want to know specific goals as well as success and challenges. Depending on the complexity of the expecations, I can discuss at that time, or may require some time to develop a learning plan. The first few tutoring sessions will focus on how best to learn the topic, as needed.  My training style is based on understanding the HOW and the WHY of a thing in order to remember a concept instead of memorizing a fact.

In EMS, continuing education is required on a constant basis. I was both a trainer and a trainee in that environment. I also studied Biology, Communications, Film Production, and Screenwriting at college levels.  My degrees are in Paramedic Sciences, Film Production, and Screenwriting. I specifically have taught anatomy, pathophysiology, and communications consistently for fifteen years.

All prices are negotiated with clients based on the complexity of the learning outcome goals.  All prices will be competitive and fair to both parties.

I started teaching at sixteen years old and became a qualified instructor for a company in multiple fields as my personal experience and qualifications increased.

I have worked with students ages 4-Retired, students with variable communications challenges, students with different learning techniques, students new to the subject as well as students expert in the subject (I have had a few doctors as clients for CPR instruction). 

You must be able to trust and communicate with your instructor.  Learning is a vulnerable task as it highlights that which we are not excellent in, and in order to be vulnerable enough to discuss areas of weakness, you must trust the other person.  An instructor needs to be able to communicate with their student and vice versa.  If a student tends toward literalism, then the instructor must be literal and specific. Meanwhile a student that embraces metaphors would communicate well with anecdotes and theories.

1. What are my learning outcome goals?

2. What are my challenges to meeting those goals?

3. What will be easy in meeting my goals?

4. How do I learn best? Worst?

5. How quickly do I want to meet those goals?

6. How much can I dedicate to meeting those goals? (With brutal realism!!)

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