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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have tutored for the past 10 years with large ACT and SAT companies. I've watched my students improve 20-35 Percentile points and attend many prestigious public and private universities. My in-depth experience with all subject materials and writing helps me stand out as a tutor.

I work with many students who specifically struggle with test anxiety or time keeping, and need to improve in multiple subject areas.

I greatly enjoy watching my students make large score improvements, and feel confident and at-ease with their test. I've enjoyed getting to know my students and their families well, and seeing my student's study habits improve every week.


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chris P.

My son really enjoyed working with Kami because of how patient and prepared she was. Their sessions together ranged from 60-90 minutes and she always had resources to build on test prep skills that directly helped him raise his scores on the SAT. My son raised his scores on the English sections significantly, which is where he was focused on growing the most, but he also grew in Math with the logic reasoning that he learned during his sessions. Highly recommend!
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January 27, 2023

Lucinda K.

Kami worked with our older son 4 years ago, and is now working with our younger one for her ACT. She is very professional and helped our son get a scholarship to go with his athletics. She is amazing!! Shell definitely be working with our third child in a couple years.
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September 16, 2021

Frequently asked questions

It's important that students enter with a goal score in mind, maybe one that aligns with their desired college or scholarship. We'll set a baseline score - either a prior full length test the student has taken, or one that we have them take at home. From here, we can create the perfect 6-12 week plan based on their test date and goal.

I went through extensive SAT and ACT preparation through Elite Test Prep, and worked for 2 large well-known tutoring companies as an in-house tutor for the past 7 years. I myself scored in the 99% percentile on both exams (2300 old SAT, 1560 new SAT, and 35 ACT), and I stay in touch with any changes to method and material.

I have worked with all different kinds of students, from the high-acheivers who are self motivated in their study, to those that may require more focus and attention to detail. It's important that a test preparation plan is catered to a student's study and homework behaviors.

Many students have test anxiety or struggle with finishing a section in time, and with skilled tutoring can overcome this easily.

Please pay special attention to finding a teacher with professional SAT and ACT experience. These tests operate on a series of simple principles and guidelines, and students must understand HOW to take the test rather than memorizing formulas or vocabulary.

What is my goal score for my desired college or scholarship?

How many weeks do I have to prepare? Do I have a test date in mind?

Is there a special subject that I need to improve in the most?

Do I want to take the test once and be done, or take it twice to show improvement?

How many questions do I want to work on each week on my own time?

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