Easy English With Mr SJ

Easy English With Mr SJ

Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a professional educator with a lifetime of experience. I’ve worked as a teacher, coach, trainer, counselor, mentor, advisor, and creative assistant. I’ve taught elementary and high school students as well as young adults and business professionals.

Always positive, supportive, and engaging. I am a skilled listener who works to understand each student’s needs, concerns, and frustrations. I know that learning is hard and growing up is difficult. My goal is to make it fun and easy.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    First, for us to get to know each other and see if it is a good student/teacher relationship. There must be respect and interent on both sides.

    My teaching and coaching style is to clearly identify the student’s goal, and then create the steps needed to get there. If a single step is too difficult, we just break it down into smaller steps, and even crawl if we have to…. Small accomplishments turn into big results.

    California Teaching Credential in English and Art

    California Community College Credential in Media Communications 

    Certificate in English Language Teaching, Bridge Mills Language Centre, Ireland 

    Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of Toronto, Canada

    Bachelor of Arts, Communications, San Diego State University

    Well educated in Child Development and Human Psychology.

    My pricing is flexible, but I need to make about $25 a hour to pay my bills. I will do an introductory lesson for $10. I'm naturally interest in higher paying assignments.

    I have been a teacher all my life — it's my natural state of being. I am curious about everything and can't help but want to share my new knowledge with others. Education is fun for me and I enjoy the challenge of making it fun for others.

    I’ve taught all ages: elementary and high school students, young adults, and business professionals. I've lived in Tokyo, France, Ireland, and the Dominican Republic, and taught English as a Foreign Language to students from around the world.

    The parent told me, "My 12-year old boy isn't interest in anything but baseball. Help!"

    So I had a catch with her son and asked him what his batting average was. He didn't know. I told him the batting averages of a couple his favorite players. "Are you better than them?" He didn't know. "Would you like to know your batting average?" Yes, sure he said. so I taught him yet never mentioned the word 'math'.

    The student's passion for baseball opens up many learning opportunities:

    Math: batting average, strategies, player statistics 

    Physics: throwing, hitting, and catching the ball

    Biology: strengthening the body, exercise, eating

    English: understanding the rules

    Social Studies: Why the game is so enjoyable to play and watch

    History: The meaning/soul/art of the game, traditions

    What is a baseball glove made of? 

    Why are cleats on baseball shoes? 

    Why does the bat make a clear popping sound when the batter hits a homerun? 

    How does ‘team play’ help to win a game? 

    How does a pitched baseball curve through the air?

    Who are your favorite teachers? Find a tutor most similar them. Find someone you can trust and respect, someone who understands your view of the world, someone who is enthusiast to help you. 

    What is the problem, what do I need?

    Am I lacking in knowlegde or in motivation?

    What is my best outcome? What is my goal?

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